Was Super Bowl LI Fixed? My answer to this question…

Apparently, there is growing sentiment in the Sports underworld…fueled by certain perfect angle photos that show Patriots runner’s knees hitting the ground when the ball is very close to the goal line. My answer to this question found on the internet’s QUORA website is as follows;

This photo is basis of conspiracy movements trying to prove that Super Bowl LI was fixed…


Anyone who thinks the Super Bowl (LI) was rigged, because of the last touchdown, didn’t watch any NFL football for the last 5 years.

Its increasingly harder to get the NFL to commit to what a CATCH actually is (a TD in Chicago can be called a non catch in Seattle, even though the same exact type of catch was made). Since the Bert Emmanuel rule in 1999, the NFL is having a harder time determining what an NFL catch is. Receptions that for the last 25 years have been called a catch, are suddenly not anymore.  One of the main reason for discrepencies, the NFL does not hire FULL TIME officials. These are men (and now women) with other jobs that while they are given adequate training, do not do this full time as their main work.

Further more, NFL officials work together as teams during the regular season. The Playoffs for Referees is just like

Conspiracy Theorists dont understand a few basics, like how an angle can change everything. From here it looks like an easy score

for the rest of the NFL..the best of the best get to join in. That means you have Line Judges from one team mixed with Referees from another team, because those two people graded the highest during the season, and their reward is.. to referee in the playoffs…and Super Bowl.

A lot can be said about team chemistry, and how well a team works together. Well keep that in the Officiating too please NFL. Pick the best TEAMS of officials and keep them together in the NFL’s biggest game.

With that being said, the refs did NOT blow this game, they got the call spot on. What many do not know or understand, is that only 1 molecule of that football needs to cross the BEGINNING of the white line that marks the end zone. Thats all. The entire ball doesnt have to cross, the laces dont matter, only the tip of the football can cross the goal line (which is the very edge of the white line, not the part that meets the end zone) and you have a Touchdown.

Besides the fact, even if it wasn’t a touchdown. Atlanta couldnt stop New England for 15 minutes, the Patriots did whatever they wanted. Do you think for a second the next play wouldn’t have been a touchdown? Did you just not have White on your Fantasy Team and thats why your whining?

Im not a big fan of the Patriots, Im a die hard Bucs fan, but just like you have to give credit to the Buffalo Bills for their greatest comeback in playoff history over the Oilers in 1992 down 35–3 in third quarter, (and the comeback was done with the BACK UP QB Frank Reicht who also happens to have the COLLEGE greatest comeback in history too) you have to give the Patriots and Tom Brady credit for what they accomplished.

Look, Atlanta’s Defense was playing lights out during the playoff run and the last couple games of the season. But during the whole season, Daily Fantasy Players targeted Atlantas defense every week. They were a sieve giving up huge chunks of yardage just like they did in that fourth quarter and OT.

Maybe they thought they had the game won (another place where Pats and Brady’s experience came through, and Atlanta’s did not because they did not have any major playoff experience), maybe they just regressed back to when they were giving up the 19th most fantasy points to Running Backs.

Atlanta was 31st out of 32 teams in giving up the 2nd most fantasy points to Quarterbacks during the regular season. Are you so surprised Brady carved them up? It was a miracle the way the Falcon defense was playing the last 5 weeks. Something had to give.

Finally, if you want slow motion…go watch slow motion Roger Goddell giving the Lombardi trophy to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. And you still think there was a conspiracy? TO let the PATRIOTS win the game?

Watch some more football, Child Please.

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