Whose the No.1 Bucs WR? Who cares.. With a top 5 offense,4tits fun to have these kind of conversations!

Forget ’84, 2000, 2003, those offenses were one year wonders that came in top 10. This offense in 2018 is NO.1

You have to scratch your head, wipe your eyes to get a better look. Only 5 teams have passing yards in the 300s, the top team however is passing for 400 yards a game. The Bucs, YOUR Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are the Number 1  passing offense, and the number one offense overall, towering over the next best teams, Pittsburgh and New Oreans.

Are you kidding me?  How did this happen, when the Best the Bucs have ever been on these NFL charts is 10 and 5, and the #5 was under Dirk Kotter too.

The Bucs are about to travel to CHICAGO, and play against a ferocious young new defense. Most Bucs fans are not in the slightest big worried; and why should they be. Its not an aberration, its not crazy stats.

Its also NOT about any one person; Jameis Winston will have sick numbers this year too. For all the minuses Winston has, he has as PLUSES TOO. Fitzpatrick has all the passing weapons, at WR, at TE, and the RBs havn’t really gotten into the game yet.

Tampa Bay has had NO.1 defenses several times going back as far as 1979, and the Gruden era too…2001, 2005. Created by Dungy, those Bucs were top 3 in 1997, 1999, spent basically 7-8 years at the top. But offense? NO OFFENSE.. Bucs have only flirted with 10th ranked offense a couple times, and the next year was back to 21 or worse.

Bucs players are shattering franchise records, even NFL records. Give credit where its due; Dirk Koetter is a QBs coach, and Winston has broken NFL records, and Fitzpatrick has SET an NFL record for throwing for more than 400 yards in the first three games.

But before this season is over, Bucs fans will have to settle for the   harsh reality of change: Mike Evans is no longer the only stud WR on this team. Not only has Godwin passed DeSean Jackson, but he is probably right on par with Evans as the perfect compliment. Fitzpatrick is lacking one main fortitude Jameis Winston has: you can’t get into Winston’s head. The Steelers got to Fitz, and he crumbles in the first half. NO doubt the Bears will try the same thing.

But when you play with fire…

EXTRA TOPIC: What About The D?

The defense will get better, they infused young talent in the secondary, and they will get the action right away by default. Before you dismiss rookie DBs, there was a pretty good offense once that could score points, but get outscored because the secondary went through 30 players that year. So they drafted 3 DBs, no matter how old you are, you’ll recognize the names;

  • Ronnie Lott
  • Eric Wright

& two others…instant secondary. That was the 1981 San Francisco 49ers, after two 2-14 seasons, then 6-10, 1981 was the first Super Bowl Championship for Bill Walsh’s dynasty and 13-3.

Can history repeat itself?

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