Times are tough. If it’s not the constant ebb and flow of money in the stock market, it’s the fear that the job we have or the business we make a living from is on the way down. We all feel the need and as a result are all looking for ways to save money and cut costs.


There’s one thing we can’t be without. What is that? Transport. Whether it’s just a road car to get around or take the family, or a truck that you can use for business or other projects. Unfortunately, cars and trucks break down after a while. We all like to say that our last car Skup samochodów Zielona Góra purchase will be our last. If we get to 10 years with our current vehicle, that’s really called “stretching it”. The saying that they just don’t make them like they used to is true.

So when it’s time to buy that next set of wheels, rather than having to pay the premium charged by the personal owner of their vehicle or the underhanded tricks of a used car salesman, turn to the impounded car phenomenon and capitalize on it .

Buying an impounded car or truck can give you many benefits. For one, it’s a lot cheaper. In many cases you can expect to save at least 50% of the price you would have paid elsewhere.

Impounded cars may sound scary, but it’s not. In most cases, the impounded cars for sale are newer cars that new car buyers have failed to pay for. They usually don’t make their payments within the first year and have their car repossessed.

List of reasons to consider a confiscated car for your next purchase:

  • Low low price
  • Mostly newer cars
  • Large selection
  • Auction access easier than ever

These are just a few reasons why you should consider a confiscated car or truck for your next vehicle purchase.

Get the most out of your used car purchase

As a used car buyer, staying informed is the best way to maximize the benefits you get from your purchase. Like any car buyer, you want a reliable vehicle that will meet the demands of your lifestyle and likely look good doing it. But being a savvy car buyer can give you benefits that far outweigh transportation and status; You just have to do your homework and use the right type of financing to improve your credit score.

Know what to expect

Trading your current car is a convenient way to reduce the amount you owe when you buy your used car and lower your cash balance. Before entering the used car lot, check with a reputable company like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book for the approximate value of your trade-in. The trade-in value will be lower than you would expect if you sell the car outright, so be sure to look up the appropriate value. When determining the resale value, be realistic about the condition of your vehicle. Are there stains on the seats? Are latches or windows broken? Just because you love the car doesn’t mean it’s eligible for an “excellent” rating.

It’s helpful to be aware of the steps you can take to maximize the trade-in value that the merchant is offering you. Ideally, you already have a record of the car’s service history, as well as the dates and mileage of each service performed. Providing accurate records will show the appraiser that you have been diligent in maintaining the car and will have a positive impact on resale value.

Know your lender

Many used car dealers offer financing to make your purchase cheaper. Even with “poor” credit, you can get finance by working directly with a dealer who offers true in-house finance. It’s important to know who is actually financing your car and to make sure you’re not further damaging your credit rating by making the purchase. Repeated inquiries about your creditworthiness drive your score down. Ask the dealer if the financing is actually in-house or outsourced to a bank or other lender.

The best decision you can make is to take advantage of this opportunity to rebuild your credit score at the same time. Determine the monthly payment that you can afford for your budget and definitely don’t overspend. All you have to do to boost your credit score is make all your payments on time and only shop from a Schufa registered retailer. By following this advice, you’ll be well on your way to better credit on a better wheelset.



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