Word of Warning to the Glazer-House owners: Dont let history repeat itself

He wanted to win…but didn’t pay the player most responsible.

There are a large group of people out there to whom the name Tampa Bay Buccaneers is synonymous with LOSING.0-26 start, 14 straight years of losing from 1983 to 1996, No playoffs since 2007 (11 years), only 2 winning seasons in last decade; it would lead a superstitious person to think we were cursed.

Oh there was talk of a Curse, put on us by the first Franchise QB to be run out of town by the Tampa Bay fans and ownership. Its hard for fans to understand today, so much has changed with race in the NFL. In 1978-82 the NFL finally got its first full-time black starting QB, and that was Doug Williams. But Bucs fans gave him a rude welcome party. A rotten Watermelon awaited him once after a poor day against the Cowboys, fans constantly wanted someone else at QB even though Williams won, and his numbers improved each year.

The Bucs spent 2 Top 5 picks to try to replace Doug Williams, Like Jack Thompson. It was a pick better off spent on Defense, which fell apart in 85.

Dont run to pro football focus, his numbers were nothing to look at; then again neither were Terry Bradshaw’s. Williams didn’t play for stats, he played to win, and the Bucs did under him. All he wanted was to be paid like the winning QB he was. Archie Manning (Eli and Peyton’s dad) had great numbers, but his team never had a winning season under him. Doug Williams didn’t have the numbers, but the Bucs went from 0-26 to the NFC Championship game, just one full season later.

Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse couldn’t pay Williams what he was asking, and Williams couldn’t play for what Bucs owners wanted to pay him.

To be fair, the Glazers had no choice, they could not put Jameis Winstons picture up on the Stadium after what happened. Yes it happened 2 and a half years ago, forever when your 24 years old, but it still happened, and to put his image up would be a slap in the face to women. But I hope the Glazers plan to do something with winston moving forward, because some will suspect this signifies the end for the Winston regime here in Tampa.

If it is the Glazers had better take a hard look at this franchises history.  So sad is the offensive history in Tampa Bay, many team records on office are about to be broken by a 4th year QB and 5th year WR. Because this franchise has never once signed a drafted QB to a 2nd contract.


If the Glazers want to listen to public opinion, thats their right. But use some common sense too; the Bucs needed a franchise QB at the end of 2008, and here we are ten years later with one. If anyone remotely thinks the Bucs aren’t going to be one of the top teams in the NFL this year, they need to look closer.

The Bucs are going to use this suspension as a rallying point. They will rally behind Fitzpatrick, who may end up handing the ball over to Jameis with a winning record. Mike Smith FINALLY has his pass rush he’s needed, as the Bucs year after year top draft picks on offense has amassed one of the most potent collection of Targets ever.

Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Adam Humphries and Chris Godwin, Cameron Brate and OJ Howard… and RB Charles Sims. Expect the Bucs to win, because  no one is.

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