ANSWERS to 1970’s Bucs Fan Knowledge QUIZ

Quite a lot of you are really knowledgable Bucs fans from the 70s! There are also a great number of you that followed the Bucs in 1996 and are posing!! But well go over the answers and the results!! 1)Which Tailback started 79 with multiple 100 yarders? It was Jerry Eckwood, who got hurt and […]


Franchise QB Drafts of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2009 Josh Freeman

Technically, it was an upward trade that brought him to Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers moved up two spots because the Denver Broncos were lurking in the first round for a QB, and the Bucs had one in mind. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Bucs had the NO.1 overall pick,  or the fifth, Head Coach […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2015 NFL Schedule

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will open the 2015 season against the Tennessee Titans in the first of only 2 4pm starts scheduled by the NFL for Tampa Bay. A 2-14 season will do that for you, but of course there is flex scheduling, so if Jameis Winston is a phenom and the Bucs are competing, […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series- Offensive Lineman- Paul Gruber

To borrow a pun from John McKay, this title describes most of the Bucs lineman to ever play the game, but were not talking about THAT kind of Offensive Lineman, but rather the kind that block for the franchise (or not so franchise) QBs the Bucs put up to try to win games with their […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: Special Teams Draft Picks

Next Week we hit the Franchise Quarterbacks, the Bucs passers drafted in the first round to be “The Guy” that would lead Tampa Bay to the Promised Land! So far we’ve looked at the 1st round trades, and The Busts that the Bucs selected, and the Greatest Picks of the years. As we close in […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: The Busts

We’ve seen the 1987 draft that yielded the most amount of starters  and depth for the next 6 years of Bucs football. We’ve also seen how Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks were achieved in the same round, the best single round draft perhaps in NFL history. But sadly, Bucs history is mostly littered with terrible […]

VIDEO! Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: Defense- Hugh Green


  See below for first two picks of draft!

Three amazing collegiate linebackers were coming to the NFL: Lawrence Taylor came out first, going to the NY Giants in the 1981 draft with the 2nd pick. Tampa Bay took Hugh Green after E.J. Junior went to the Cardinals. Green was a defensive end with the Pittsburgh Panthers, but was far too light to play that position in the NFL, besides…the Bucs already had Lee Roy Selmon.

Green’s speed was amazing and he took off immediatly as a dominant linebacker in the NFL. Green had one thing green-gb83hgoing against him though:Tampa Bay was not the media market New York was. That helped Taylor gain greater fame faster, but Green was every bit as good of a player. He was capable of covering not just Tight Ends, but fast tailbacks too. McKay used him in coverage and rushing the QB, there was nothing he wasn’t able or willing to do.

Green was in a car accident during ’84 season, and after  coach John McKay retired Green was traded to the Miami Dolphins where he was part of the 1985 team that beat the Chicago Bears on Monday Night  football the Bears only loss of the season.

Hugh Green was named to College Football Hall of Fame in 1996, named the 5th greatest college football player all time by collegefootballnews.com, all time all American team in 1983 and #14 on ESPN’s Top 25  players in College Football History. Add SI’s College Football All Century team in 1999.

Watch the first two picks of the 1981 draft, see how fast they picked back then…


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: Defense- The NO.1 No.1: Lee Roy Selmon

There have been a few 99s but never will again, and there were 55’s before Derrick Brooks, but doubtful ever again. There was never a 63 before Lee Roy Selmon, because he was the first player ever choosen by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his number was the first retired, never to be seen again. […]

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: Defense- Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks

To understand arguably the best impacted draft the Bucs have ever had, you have to understand the atmosphere at One Buc during this time. The old ownership, the Culverhouse Estate, was gone; bought by Malcomn Glazer. The Glazers needed a new stadium to make enough money to pay for their investment, and the Bucs had […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series- Franchise Defense; Best of the Rest

Before we spend the last week focusing on the Franchise QBs the Bucs have drafted, which is where the Bucs seem to be headed, we’ve gone over the Trades and running backs. So now, were going to go over Defensive players in week 3, and right now we’ll focus on the best of the rest! […]

VIDEO: What If ? The 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season’s Game Swinging Plays

The 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were far more than one or two players away from being a good team last year, but at the same time, there were about 4 plays away from being in the playoff race until the final day. And while it’s true every team has a share of plays that can make or break the game, the Bucs tipped the balance on the  losing side with some obvious plays.

A new offensive coordinator and Quarterback will go a long way into changing the Bucs into winners in 2015.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Series: Running Backs- Ricky Bell

He started the season as a 3rd year tailback looking to reclaim the glory days of his running at U.S.C; by the end of the year Ricky Bell was the face of the 1979 Worst to First NFC Central Division championship season. 1,263 yards on 283 carries, Bell was the workhorse Buccaneer that took over […]