SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!!! Will Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense shock the NFL world?

Lovie Smith isn’t giving answers now. He is asked questions by the media, he does not answer, or does answer, cryptically. The offensive line practiced in a parking lot behind a covered obscured view. No one even knows who is calling the plays, as only a handful of coaches know this offense. So will the […]

temp140828_Redskins_Bucs_26--nfl_mezz_1280_1024’s final cuts predictions Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Today by 4:00 pm the Bucs must make 8 more cuts, here are the probable players with their positions and NFL experience. Some players like Josh Allen and Cameron Brate will end up either on the Bucs or another team’s practice squad. Josh Allen C. Rookie Quinton Pointer CB. 2 Ronald Tally DE. 4 Mathew […]


Shock Friday! Connor Barth Cut- Jamon Meredith and Larry English TOO

Will update this list as we go alone. Bengals released Ben Jarvis Green Ellis Connor Barth has been cut. Bucs will go with their own kicker now, which is a move the Bucs have made since way back in their history. Martin Gramatica, Michael Husted, Steve Christie, Donald Iquebuike, Tampa Bay has always had a […]

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GAME DAY: PreSeason Week 4! Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  Download GameDay PDF Here! Good News/Bad News! Good; Its the last preseason game for the Bucs. Bad:It’s the last preseason game for the Bucs! You won’t see any starters, but you can take your kids out on a Thursday night to an NFL game for 9.oo dollars a seat, and check out former Head […]


Logan Mankins too old? “Did Not See That Coming”: Boston Globe’s Finn

Remember, its in our DNA to be skeptical; our team had 14 straight losing seasons. Our team had 26 straight losses at its birth. Our team has not been to the playoffs in 6 seasons, and hasn’t won a playoff game in 11 years. So the typical reaction is “Patriots are giving away Logan Mankins […]


Incognito deserves a 2nd chance, as do you

There are 1 in 23 american males who have been to or are in prison. That does not count the thousands in jails, Work Release, Work Camps, or Probation. Richie Incognito has done none of those things, but there’s a chance you or someone you know has. We imprison a large part of our population, […]


Bucs fans get what they want: Tampa Bay Buccaneers look good in win

So far this preseason reminds of  Tony Dungy era preseasons. There must be something to the formula, because the Bucs would always lose and look below average in the first two games, but look improved in the 3rd game. Of course we know how the regular seasons went. Bucs players have reiterated Lovie Smith’s desire […]

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GAME DAY: PreSeason Week 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills

Click Here to download the GAME DAY PDF! If you like it, say thanks in our comments! It’s week three in the NFL Preseason, time for the starters to play a bit  longer, and time for coaches and fans alike to hold their breath hoping Bucs players can avoid any serious injuries.  Every season someone […]

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MIKE EVANS FIGHT VIDEO shows he has some growing up to do

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. NFL Rookie Mike Evans — INSANE NIGHTCLUB BRAWL … Throws Punches at Bouncers – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe Mike Evans in this video is doing something we have all done at one time or another. You go to a club, you drink, your testosterone triples (except […]

CONNECTIONS Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Players Coaches and Personnel have in common

CONNECTIONS Buffalo Ties –  Buccaneers College Scout Andre Forde played collegiately at the University at Buffalo where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. –  Buccaneers DE Steven Means is originally from Buffalo, New York and played collegiately at the University at Buffalo.Florida Ties –  Bills LB Nigel Bradham is originally from Crawfordville, Florida and played […]

The Glazers have quite the different image abroad than in the U.S.

‘Across The Pond’, Glazer Family Not Looked Upon So Fondly

The Tampa Bay Buccanneers will be wearing commemorative pins this season in memorium of Malcolm Glazers recent passing. You may get a different song in the UK if you go to a Manchester United game, but it too may be about the passing of Mr. Glazer: just not so much on a sour note as this […]