PreSeason Memories: Jon Grudens first Preseason Game!

For anyone in attendance at Raymond James for the first preseason game to the 2002 season in Tampa vs the Miami Dolphins, they got a really good show.

No it wasn’t Jon Grudens offense, it was still full of wrinkles. Defense? Nope, that had been around for a while so Bucs fans were used to seeing that.

Jon Gruden’s special teams may have sent an ironic message to everyone that day, “its going to be a good year”! First touch of the ball, Tampa Bay Touchdown on a Kick off Return for a Touchdown by Buc Frank Murphy!

Leave it to the meathead announcers to get the info wrong, when its said “by the way thats the first kick off return for a TD in preseason too. Not even close, there have been several preseason KO returns for TD. Just none in the regular season, that was correct.

BUCSTOP.COM Video Vault- 2007 Derrick Brooks


How fast was Derrick Brooks?

In this video, even in his 13th season, you can still see the speed that put him in the hall of fame.

As were about to celebrate another Buccaneer going into the hall, here is a Brooks clip.


Which Josh McCown will show up in 2014?

A Lot has to go right for Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Win in 2014

Funny thing is, this time a year ago we were probably more sure about the chances of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being a playoff team than we are today, and look how that turned out. Of course we had no idea that the Bucs greatest player mystery descent of all time in Josh Freeman would […]


Don’t Buy Into the Negativity! The Tampa Bay Bucs can beat NFC South Teams

Every year we hear the same thing..”Well the Bucs have to play the Panthers and Saints, thats four losses right there”. Or they may just say the same thing with two different NFC South Teams “Saints and Falcons, Bucs can’t win against them” …just because the year before perhaps the Bucs DID get swept. But […]

Letting Doug Williams leave over 100,000 dollars started 12 years of   Double Digit losses.

Pewter Report’s Top 25 All Time Bucs omits Doug Williams!!

All you need to ask yourself is, does Doug Williams belong in a top 25 Buccaneers of all time. It’s really just that simple. Yes, he in fact does.   Not according to Pewter Report however, who excluded the only QB to guide an orange clad Bucs team to the Playoffs, for the likes of […]

Worst Mistake for Hugh Culverhouse besides letting Doug Williams go, letting Wayne Fontes go too.

What if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers DON’T Turn Around in 2014 or beyond?

There was a time when everything looked great for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They went to the playoffs regularly, had a proven coach, strong running back, and a number one defense. Most important, they had a great owner , revered by the community and his fellow ownership group. Surely I’m speaking of Malcolm Glazer right? Why […]

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.26.42 PM

2 RARE Classic Tampa Bay Buccaneers games found in the hobby!!

Two games have been found this month, one is already catalogued and in my possession, the other is on its way, and brings to 656 Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in the Video Vault! The game just added was the last remaining missing game from the Strike Shortened 1982 season. The Bucs were at New […]

Use AND Services for AC repair, while ACREAIR left us hanging!

At times, I feel it necessary to share an experience non football related. This is NOT a paid advertisement, but a testimonial on a great service or product.  Know that commercial for ACREAIR we are always open? They refused to come out to our home to even look at our AC because it wasn’t a […]

This Bear, like his Chicago namesakes, are resting before July's Camps start.

Last Month is always the hardest with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football

No one will blame you if you fall asleep! In fact…shhhh….several of us are already. Its the dead month in the NFL, the last month before NFL camps open. The Bucs will report July 24th and start practicing July 25th. Starting with the 24th, every day there is something Tampa Bay Buccaneer to talk about. […]

2014 nfl predictions

Early Predictions for 2014- Bucs go 9-7 in 2014 Wild Card

Time for a little predicting…. Before preseason, we have most of the teams set rosters…so lets do this. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS- Drew Brees was more human last year, and I feel like the Saints will repeat what the Falcons did last year. This team is designed to go as far as Brees goes. Thats their […]

Which Josh McCown will show up in 2014?

Is Josh McCown the answer for Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB spot in 2014?

Joe from said it best: Last year during the QB crisis, if anyone had said “we should seriously start considering our options on getting Josh McCown if he’s available next year” they would have been committed for Baker Act. Or they were just plain Baked themselves! But yet McCown had an opportunity last year […]

Everything is upbeat for Bucs in 2914

What have we learned from mini-camp 2014?

If you pay close enough attention (or even if you didn’t) you can pick up a lot from the Tampa Bucs Mini Camp. Here’s what I’ve gathered. Camp atmosphere is more relaxed- When practice was over, break time was called. Players SPRINTED to the water cooler, because thats how it was under former HC Greg […]


Is Gerald McCoy ready to break out?

He has been called the next Warren Sapp. He was called the 2nd best available DT in his draft class. He has been called a Bust. Now, Gerald McCoy is called an All Pro, and he is a perennial participant in the Pro Bowl. But not everybody in the country is sold. Bucs fans are […]

Whats the real story with Glennon? At this point, its still being written.

So what gives with Mike Glennon?

He was a hot topic as soon as the day he was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft. Former Head Coach Greg Schiano wouldn’t have drafted a QB in such a high round if he was totally happy with Josh Freeman. Now the “So what gives with Josh Freeman” article is for […]