COSMIC CONNECTIONS- Its what the Panthers and BUCS have in common!

FORMER BUCCANEERS Carolina offensive coordinator Mike Shula served the Buccaneers in the same capacity from 1996-99. He started his coaching career with the Buccaneers as an offensive assistant in 1988 and was promoted to quarterbacks coach in 1990. He was also drafted by the Buccaneers in the 12th round of the 1987 NFL Draft. Panthers […]


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What better way to spend a Football Friday than looking back on video clips of Bucs as they took on the Panthers in games played years gone by! Some memories are great (Beating them in 2010) some not so great (the last few years) some kind of boring (SuperBowl year where our greatest weapon was  Martin Gramatica and ROB Johnson)!

For our first clip, lets go WAY Back to the very first meeting against the Bucs and Panthers, its 1995 and Panthers were an expansion team, but the rules were different for those 1995 expansion twins, they got the world on a silver platter and were competitive from the get go. Both teams were in the playoffs the next season! Remember this Buccaneer workhorse running back? He made the mistake of holding out in 1996 under new coach Tony Dungy and in 1997 he was replaced with Warrick Dunn for his troubles.

LOVE those Orange Uniforms!!

So lets Fast Forward to modern times, how about last years devastating loss to Carolina that   was close in the end but we all remember the stupid plays by QB Josh McCown? Yet few people remember that in the end, the Bucs could have won this game RIGHT HERE with this bonehead mistake. Its no wonder before seasons end Dashon Goldson was let go.

OK enough bad memories…..Lets take a look at opening day 2012 and the Birth of the Greg Schiano Era!!…Oh wait I said no more bad memories!!! Well this was a good one, because behind this early TD by Mike Williams the Bucs set the tone and won week one. Problem is the defense didn’t look like this the next couple weeks as it gave up a lot of points in loss at NY Giants.

And Finally in our LOOK BACK MACHINE…are you like me with a lot of fond memories for the 2010 season? It was so unexpected…it was a shame how things turned out                             for Head Coach Lovie Smith, who was given NO free agents to work with like Schiano was Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, etc. Yet still he turned those “YOUNGRY” Bucs into winners when everyone made fun of him for using a “Race to 10 wins”! Warren Sapp on his NFL HBO show called it a race to 6….but it wasn’t, not at all. And had the Bucs gotten a simple pass interference call against K2 and the Detroit Lions, who knows where the Bucs would have gone.

Josh Freeman was having a career year, the Offensive Line behind Penn, Larsen, and Jeff Faine, were opening holes for a solid runner in LeGarrette Blount, and even Cadillac was running well in a 3rd down role.

On this play there is a little comedy here…the joke in the huddle was they were telling Caddilac to make sure he stays inbounds, run the clock so the Bucs can punt with less time left on the clock as possible. If he gets the first down, that is Gravy. Cadillac said “We won’t have to throw the Ball, I’m going for SIX” and everyone was laughing.  Then the play happened like this…

So there you have it! Some clips from Bucs /Panthers games to bring back some nostalgia in the lot of you!!

You have a favorite Bucs/Panthers moment? I’ll leave mine in the comments section..but we want to hear yours.




Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks during an NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday Dec. 16, 2007 in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

RESPECTFULLY shooting a hole in Derrick Brooks assessment of Tampa 2

With nothing but the highest respect for whom I consider the second greatest Buccaneer of all time, Derrick Brooks on his Tampa 2 show with 620 WDAE’s Steve Duemig, stated some inconsistencies that just do not comply, and have to be brought forward. I do agree with Brooks, the Bucs are getting better on defense […]


Why was HOUSTON so different from NEW ORLEANS? It’s an F Word!

I’m hearing a lot of chatter on the radio waves about how the Bucs lost so bad to the Houston Texans, so much that I have to wonder which channel they were watching. Could it be some fans think the fish helmets are Tampa Bays Team? Or “Bay Area” meaning San Francisco? The Bucs were […]

Bucs Aim For .500, Host Division Rival Panthers In Week 4’s Cheapest Game

Tampa Bay’s new franchise quarterback Jameis Winston gets his first taste of the division rival Carolina Panthers in Week 4, when the former Heisman Trophy winner and his Buccaneers host the reigning NFC South champs this weekend at Raymond James Stadium. This will also be the first duel between Winston and fellow double-threat quarterback Cam […]

Is Charles Sims turning out to be the better option at running back for Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Charles Sims takes this beautiful screen pass and takes it all the way to the house for a Touchdown and (kicker doing his job) would  tie the score. Now here is the 10 million dollar question… Could you see Doug Martin doing that?

Lets watch the Video first….. (you can click the square in the bottom right corner and go full screen)


Martin may have outraced Sims to the end zone, but I could have seen Martin tackled for a loss somehow.

And yet Martin did have a good run on the day, a few, when there was room to run. The offensive line, which so far this year has proven to be a better run blocking line that pass protecting, at least up until the first few games, was the exact opposite vs the Texans! There were no Sacks by JJ Watt and Co. but the Bucs couldn’t move that line either to run the ball.

So far Martin has looked more like his old 2012 self than he has in the past couple of years, but lets remember in 2012 Martin exploded for big yards in a few games. Most of them were the 55 yard variety.

2012 starting out the season by Martin Yards..

  • 95
  • 65
  • 53
  • 33
  • 76
  • 85

Then came the 135 and 251 that propelled him into the spotlight.

Martin would get three more 100+ yard games, the rest in the 35-65 variety. Since then Injuries have plagued Martin until he came back focused this year, a contract year because the Bucs decided to void the 5th option year, making Martin either put up, or leave.

Sims also had an injury plagued year, although he didn’t miss the whole year, he missed half of it and wasn’t really the same. But we’ve seen some flash from him.

This tidbit may mean nothing, or it may be very telling..the Bucs had 61 offensive snaps against the Texans, Charles Sims was in for 30 of them, Martin was in for 31. If the Bucs wanted to feature Martin, perhaps they are changing their mind?

Stay tuned, because Dirk Koetter likes to run the ball.                                           a

Kyle Brindza’s Misses… VideoVault Lookout

Lets check out the misses by rookie, I’ll repeat, ROOKIE kicker Kyle Brindza. This kid has a chance to be an elite kicker one day, but inconsistency and Field Goal Kickers are words that do not go well in the same sentence.


He just barely misses the Xtra point as it hits the bar, then the two misses after get farther and farther away. Then for the 57 yarder at the end, he simply over compensates and pushes too far to the left. (You can click the square in bottom left corner of video to go full screen. )

It was after the last FG miss in the 4th Quarter that the team lost its life and gave up the TD drive and FG drive. That defense needs to respond better to adversity, a pattern which will probably continue all season.

Bucstop’s MONDAY MORNING QB: Random Thoughts and Observations


So lets start out with some disappointing things first…

Evans had 101 yards, but could have had so much more.

Evans had 101 yards, but could have had so much more.

Mike Evans finished with over 100 yards, but would have finished with over 200 without all of his drops. He was    still raw after not having caught the ball all preseason or regular season yet. Understandable, but why was he such a big part of the offense then? Louis Murphy did pretty well with his opportunities. Missed opportunities was the theme for the loss to Houston, from everywhere. Not just kicker Kyle Brindza who has NEVER had this bad of a game before, ever. But he’s not the only Buc with missed opportunities. Jameis Winston was  0-7 throwing the ball to Mike Evans on 3rd down, Bucs were 1 for 12 overall. Sometimes it was an overthrown ball like in the 3rd QTR with Bucs down by one, sometimes it was a drop (most of the time). When Louis Murphy was in the game, he made most of the tough Catches. Louis Murphy is no Mike Evans, except when Evans isnt Evans! But it does show that being raw really does have an effect on the game play.

Kyle Brindza deserves a 2nd chance: The dude’s 58 yard FG would have been the longest in Bucs history if not for Matt Bryant’s historic 62 yard shot to beat Eagles in 2006. You ARE ready for Matt Bryant day again right? Its coming up soon!!!

What was disturbing was the ridiculous number of Bucs media who were saying matter of factly that the Bucs will be trying out kickers on Monday. Get real…report the news or sports, leave the opinions to me!! Lovie Smith said it best…we won’t be looking for a new kicker.. “He, like a lot of us, had a disappointing day on Sunday”. Now repeat the performance….

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.45.28 AM

On the Hero but could have been a bigger hero category, Lavonte David is not having the best year possible. Everyone has one, but he missed a couple of tackles that would have made his stat line even more “Lavonte” like.

What is wrong with Gerald McCoys hand? and why are we putting our best defensive player (or top 3) back out if he’s not 100% with only seconds left?

Turnovers are rare enough, when you get a chance, you cannot miss out on it. In the 3rd period Kwon Alexander missed a chance to get a pick 6. Before that, The Bucs special teams had the chance to give the Bucs the ball at the 5 yard line when fumble occurred and went right through the hands of Lansanah and Kwon Alexander who tried to scoop N Score instead of fall on the ball. Chances are the play may have been overturned as it looks like returner was down, but still.  Check out the Video Here..

Speaking of special teams, didn’t we draft a bunch of returners only to still have Bobby Rainey doing the returning duties for us? Imagine Rainey rushing too and hitting some of those holes instead of Sims or Martin? If he’s going to continue to return punts he really needs to quit the fumblitis on the two     punt returns yesterday, that fortunately fell back into his   lap.

At Lineback, have the Bucs been gifted by the Gods of football to always be given amazing linebackers? Kwon Alexander is having a great rookie season and the Bucs are set at Mike Linebacker for years to come. Next year the Bucs are sure to  invest a large part of the draft on defense, and if Jameis Winston proves durable enough, Mike Glennon could gather as high as a 2nd or 3rd round pick to a team desperate enough.

Speaking of defense, the Bucs has kept the last two opponents to under 20pts, both on the road. A lot is being said over how much yardage the Bucs defense gave up yesterday, but lets focus on two important facts:

1) Texans utilize a quick tempo offense which focuses a fast paced offense giving the Bucs defense little time to rest, to which point the Bucs the Bucs Defense didn’t do too bad in defending the up tempo attack.

2) A large number of that yardage was in the 4th quarter after the Bucs final miss on a Field goal that would have put the Bucs in the lead! Before that the Bucs defense held the Texans to their 7  points as even the Texans got to taste the right upright that Kyle Brindza hit with his extra point. The Texans would remain at 7 then 10 points throughout most of the game.

ON a Positive note…

The Bucs defense held the Texans at the end of the first half (Houston hit FG attempt onto the  crossbar) and ALMOST for the second straight game the Bucs offense moved the ball into the opposing teams territory had Mike Evans not dropped a key 3rd down pass down to the Houston 30ish yard line. The Bucs seem to respond to Jameis Winston and the 2 minute offense. Then Coming out in the second half, the Bucs last week drove for a TD against the Saints: This week it was the same except the Bucs tried to rely too much on Mike Evans who is way too rusty to be relied upon at this stage. He dropped a 2nd down pass, then Winston focused on him too much which was read by the Texans who stole the ball. Enter KWON Alexander who could have had a PICK 6 had he caught the ball!!

The Bucs offensive line held Jadaveon Clowney Sackless. It held Vince Wolfork Sackless. But best of all, it held J.J. Watt Sackless!!! So lets give some credit to Ali Marpet and Donovan Smith, two rookies who held their own in the war of the trencheslf

In the end lets remember what this is… its a Road loss to an AFC team that doesnt hurt as bad. A lot of lessons can be learned from this road loss, and QB Jameis Winston and WR Mike Evans will get on a good wavelength together now that they have a game like this to establish things to correct. For starters Evans was rusty from having NO catches all year from Winston, preseason or regular season. Evans was targeted 17 times but only came down with 7  catches. Yet that was good for 101 yards, can you imagine if half of the drops had counted?

This is a Bucs team that won only 2 games last year, and lost a few close ones, but in each of those close losses, but Bucs only had a CHANCE to be in those games. Yesterday, the Bucs deserved to be in that game against the Texans and simply lost the game: it happens. It lost 14 games last year, and not one of those games did the Bucs look like they deserved to win like they did against the Texans.


McCoy's rush early on could have been a game changing event..but NOO! Penalty on the Bucs!

Bucstop POST-GAME Thoughts / Analysis

Every media I was following on twitter was saying matter of fact that the Bucs will holding tryouts Monday for a new kicker. Before you have a heart attack, read this thought through…. I dont see Lovie giving up on Brindza after one bad game. This kid obviously had his first taste of adversity in […]

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NIKO’s Take- Hard to believe after the opening day disaster, but the Bucs stand on the precipus of a 2-1 winning record as they take on a beatable Houston Texans team that is 0-2. Of course on the other side the Texans are looking at the Bucs as a chance to get in the win […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers have never won in the city of Houston. Ever.

Not in 1980 when the Bucs were hanging on to dear life as Earl Campbell Fumbled the ball and Cedric Brown returned it for a 20-14 deficit but Bucs’ Doug Williams was picked off deep in Oilers territory with 30 seconds left as Bucs tried to mount a comeback.

Not in 1989 when down by three James Wilder catches the ball at the Oilers   22 yard line but fumbles when hit ending the game.

Not in 1995 when Trent Dilfer chose to have the worst day of the year, going 10 of 23 for 82 yards and 3 interceptions; but ran the ball in for a TD in first half for an intermission 7-6 lead.

The One and Only time the Bucs have played the Texans was 2007 and starter Jeff Garcia was one game away from being ready to play. In his place Luke McCown was coming off his greatest came  @ New Orleans. One notable from this game was an obscure former college QB named Michael Spurlock who was given the shot to return kickoffs and did pretty well on his attempt.


Ironically the Texans blew the game open on this opening 2nd half KO return for a TD that got this response from Tampa Tribune’s Ira Kauffman….

“While Tampa Bay fans continue to pine for the first kickoff return for a touchdown in franchise annals, veteran receiver Andre Davis dashed 97 yards with the second-half kickoff as the Buccaneers dropped a 28-14 decision to end a four-game winning streak.”

The next week Spurlock would become the first Bucs to return a KO for a TD against the Atlanta Falcons!


Our Respects to Richard Williamson, and other BUCS Thoughts

Rest In Peach Richard Williamson,  aka “Were gonna work on that” !  It was his favorite catch phrase when a reporter would ask him anything about his Bucs team that many thought would finally reach the mark of a winner. Williamson was the Wide Receivers coach under Former Bucs coach Ray Perkins, but by his […]


COSMIC CONNECTIONS!! Its what the TEXANS and BUCS have in common with each other!!

FORMER BUCCANEERS Texans Special Teams Coordinator Bob Ligashesky coached in the same capacity for the Buccaneers in 2012. Texans Offensive Assistant Pat O’Hara was drafted by the Buccaneers in the 10th round of the 1991 NFL Draft. Texans National Scout Mike Martin spent four years in the Buccaneers’ personnel department from 2003-07. FORMER TEXANS Buccaneers […]


Is the Pass Happy NFL about to learn its lesson the hard way?

YES its very early in the season and being 0-2 or 2-0 does not guarantee you of anything except for that record itself, so with that being said, lets take a look at some of these top and bottom teams, and you start to see a trend this season in the NFL; Maybe, just perhaps, […]

Alexander is getting valuable instructions from Hardy Nickerson, the best to ever play the Tampa 2 Mike position.

Changes going forward as Bucs prepare for TEXANS and JJ WATT!

Expect the Bucs to go with Joe Hawley at Center for the rest of the season, the last for Evan Smith. The Bucs gave someone like Garrett Gilkey every chance in the world to supplant Smith, and CONTINUED to look for centers. That tells me Tampa Bay front office is NOT happy with Smith, and […]