VIDEO- Now that Money is right, Put K CONNOR BARTH back as Tampa Bay Buccaneers Placekicker before its too late!

In what may be looked back on as a critical move, Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have brought back the Tampa Bay Buccaneers most accurate placekicker in its history Wednesday, just two days after the guy who replaced him missed an extra point, a Field Goal, and went 1 of 2 the week before! Now cut your ties with Murray and thank your lucky stars; you got lucky the last time to cut a succesful placekicker after a year of misery.

Mind you I was a big supporter of the move to go to Murray last year, and Murray was Money. But something is wrong this year!! He missed a FG in first preseason game, then missed another one last week. More inexcusable, he missed an extra point when the NFL is going all GaGa over extra point kicks. They’re 32 yard  FGs now!!

In case your lost, or just joining us, lets catch you up to  “As the placekicker’s world turns”…

Last season Barth was coming into a camp where he did not kick the year before because he was rehabbing an injury from playing a pick up basketball game (for a good cause mind you, a charity event). The Bucs had spotty kicking in 2009 when they let go of established kicker Matt Bryant who set Bucs and some NFL records with the longest FG of 62 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles. I mean I still have to celebrate

You mean you don't still celebrate Matt Bryant day every October 23rd?

You mean you don’t still celebrate Matt Bryant day every October 23rd?

Matt Bryant day because of that! Tampa Bay got Mike Nugent who had a good record kicking long FGs in the NFL, but instead was inconsistent in his first few weeks in Tampa. He missed a kick in the 30-39 range, then missed  all three of his kicks in the 40-49 range, the whole reason he was brought in.

He was replaced with Kicker Shane Andrus who was cut after missing his only attempt, also in the 40-49 range. Then the Bucs gave kicker Connor Barth a chance who quietly made a FG in his first game, but in his second game at Miami, Barth connected on a 51 yard attempt in 1st Qtr, a 50 in the 2nd, and a 54 yard FG in the 3rd quarter, all but cementing himself in as the Bucs new permanent Placekicker. That season Barth hit 4 of 6 in 30-39 range, 5 of 7 in 40-49 range and most importantly, 3 of 4 in the 50+ category, which was the main reason for replacing Matt Bryant to begin with!

Barth continued to be the centerpiece of special teams on the Bucs, but just before the 2013 season Barth announced an offseason injury to which he would be lost for the year because of a pick up basketball game for charity. It was the beginning of a string of bad news the jinxed Bucs of 2013 would experience, including  losing one kicker and eventually a pro bowl Guard to MRSA, Josh Freeman exposure and release, but when Lovie Smith was named new in bound  Head Coach he had competition for Barth in the name of undrafted rookie Patrick Murray, who beat out Barth mostly due to his substantially lesser contract price. Barth was making close to 3 million dollars a year, added to Kicker/Punter Michael Koenen and those two were commanding enough money to bring in several players. Plus, Murray kicked well, and it appeared to be even steven so Money made the difference.

Fast Forward to now, and just when placekicking becomes a critical part of the offense now in the NFL with 32 yard extra points, Murray misses one, on a team that is not offensively developed enough to go for 2 point conversions on a regular basis to overcome losses of extra points.

The Denver Broncos had another kicker in camp and thanked Barth for his awesome kicking in the last few games of 2014. Now Barth is onboard for just over a million a year, so will he return the favor and unseat Murphy?

Barth’s current Bucs records;

    • 4th Most points scored 123, 131 Matt Bryant’s record
    • T3rd most points placekicking in a Game, 14 vs Saints 2011 (16 from Gramatica 01)
    • Best FG Percentage 92.9% 26 of 28 2011
    • Most Extra Points in a game Barth No.1 @ Oakland 2012 w/6
    • Longest FG made Barth’s 57 harder vs Redskins 2012 ties Husted’s same distance vs Redskins 93 (Bryant’s 62 is NO.1)
    • Most Consecutive FGs made Barth is NO.1 w/25 10/2011 to 9/2012 (Husted and Gramatica are ties 2nd 16)

How good is Barth? He makes 53 yard FGs for Breakfast (in voice of Arnold from “Commando”)

Onside kick anyone? Barth has mad skills!

Currently the longest FG in Barth’s Bucs career.



Saturday’s Tampa Bay Bucs vs Bengals game was DEJA VU and RETRO all over!

Someone tell the Bucs Doctor Who doesnt begin its new season until September, because they took a page from the old Time Lord’s book and went all retro on us. No it wasn’t a Throwback game, although a lot of fans still want to throw the new uniforms back on NIKE’s shelves for new ones […]

Special Teams still need SPECIAL care

Lovie Smith said with Defense he can win 8 games, and Special Teams even more. But so far the Special Teams have been a mixed bag of tricks.

Kenny Bell set up the defense with great field position by downing the ball with an acrobatic, athletic  move to leap into the end zone and throw the ball back into field of play to be downed at the 2 yard line.

The net result was field position, because Andy Dalton threw the ball up to  AJ Green who                                                              coughed it up and turned that play into a Pick 6 for points. Even the next possession resulted in a kickoff and a Bradley Mcdougald interception.

To which time came for bonehead special teams play: A missed Extra point attempt! It wasn’t by much, it was a foot maybe, but imagine the Bucs down by 14 with 8 minutes to go, score a TD, make the 1Pt conversion, get the ball back and with 10 seconds left score a TD to go down by one, then THIS…

We’re all going to be sick to our stomachs and wanting to find the home of Bill Belichick to THANK him for bringing this rule up oh great King Deflator.  NOTE: Listen to Jon Gruden’s Thoughts on the new EXTRA POINT CONVERSION RULE…!

How a player does in Special Teams shows his value to the team, and that player can start at other positions. Right now, your seeing that with Russell Shephard, who is catching on at Wide Receiver and pressuring the starters.



THOUGHTS from the BUCSTOP: Tampa Bay Turns many things 180 degrees

D Stands for Domination. 216 total yards for Tampa Bay in the first half, against a playoff defense, while Cincinnati gained only 49 yards against a 2-14 defense. M is for Mismatch; but its also for McCoy, as in Gerald, who collapsed pockets yesterday allowing George Johnson and Larry English to get to the Quarterback. […]

VIDEO: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Starting Defense gets the sacks done

Last season free agent Michael Johnson was expected to come in and  get double digit sacks. Instead he was a bust and went back to Cincinnati no where to be found on the field.

Last night new Free Agent George Johnson who is expected to break the Bucs decade long streak of not having a double digit sack edge rusher showed a preseason crowd that maybe, just maybe, Tampa Bay could have finally found someone to give Gerald McCoy relief on the Defensive Line.

At the end of the first Quarter the Bucs put on the pressure en route to a dominating first half depression of the Bengals starting offense.

Stay tuned later for todays BUCSTOP Breakdown of the Game.


GAME DAY: Preseason Week 2 Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  The home debut of Jameis Winston happens tonight as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers return home to play Preseason scrimmage game no. 2 at Raymond James Stadium at 8pm on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. (NOTE: Bucs media art has a cover photo showing Bucs at Bengals. The game is in Tampa, not Cincinnati.) Lets dig […]

VIDEO: Tampa Bay Buccaneers History vs Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati was the fifth opponent in the Bucs’ inaugural season and cruised to a 21-0 victory in Ohio (10/10/76)… The Bucs’ first win on the banks of the Ohio River came in the 1980 season opener (9/7/80) when QB Doug Williams second TD strike to TE Jimmie Giles produced a 17-12 victory for the visitors…

The Bengals’ visit to Tampa (9/25/83) produced a 300-yard passer for the Buccaneers, former Bengals QB Jack Thompson, but a 23-17 Cincinnati victory… Trailing 20-0 by the second quarter, Tampa Bay nearly rallied for the victory but saw Thompson’s final pass get intercepted in the Bengals end zone on fourth down to preserve the victory… Cincinnati and Tampa Bay combined for 957 yards of total offense with the Bengals edging the Bucs 482-475 in yardage… The margin on the scoreboard was a bit wider, however, in a 56-23 Cincy victory… Bengals QB Boomer Esiason threw for just 197 yards but tossed five touchdown passes, including two to WR Tim McGee… Bucs QB Vinny Testaverde notched three TD passes and passed for 336 yards, but Bengals RB James Brooks made up the difference with 131 yards on 17 carries…

Six takeaways helped Tampa Bay overcome a three-point fourth quarter deficit and take a 19-16 victory at home (10/8/95)… K Michael Husted connected for four field goals, including a 53-yard game- winner with 29 seconds remaining…

In the most dominating road effort in franchise history, Tampa Bay capped a late-season surge with a 35-0 win over the Bengals (12/27/98)… It marked the team’s first-ever shutout away from home, its largest margin of victory on the road and its highest point total of 1998…

Trailing 13-7 late in the fourth-quarter, Buccaneers WR Michael Clayton made an acrobatic touchdown pass as time was expiring to give the Buccaneers a much need when over the Cincinnati Bengals, 14-13 (10/15/06). RB Carnell Williams rushed for 94 yards on 19 carries…

Despite Tampa Bay’s defense limiting Cincinnati to under 300 yards of offense, while recording three interceptions and two sacks, the Bengals managed to escape Raymond James with a narrow 14-13 victory (11/30/14).

Jan 6, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith is introduced as head coach during a press conference at One Buccaneer Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith: Offensive Guru? According to Chicago Bears he is!

Bucs fans last year were crying for the days of Jon Gruden who was known as an offensive minded coach, even though only one year did the Bucs reach the top 10 in offenses (2003 when Brad Johnson played every game: record was 7-9). Lovie Smith on the other hand is know for taking the […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.49.03 AM

CONNECTIONS!! Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals

CONNECTIONS!! (updated 2PM EST) Its all about whats in common between the Bucs and opponents! Each week during the season, well post before the game what Bucs and Opponents for the week have in common with each other! Its a fun way of seeing how small the football world is! Connections! Catch it each week […]


Is Leslie Frazier the Jim Bates for Lovie Smith??

Were playing Lovie Ball this year folks. Not Leslie Ball, Not Dungy Ball, LOVIE BALL…he’s the boss and he’s doing what he does best, call the defensive plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lovie Smith was hand picked from the bright defensive coaches of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the success of the newly named […]

McCoy was a Bust according to "Jump to conclusion" fans until becoming a perennial ProBowler

Today’s NFL Fan: Win Now, or Your A BUST!

A Heisman Trophy Winner played for his team for 4 years before moving onto his second team. Sitting on the Bench as a backup for a few years, injury propelled him into the starting roll where all of a sudden he excelled and led his team, the Oakland Raiders, Into a SuperBowl Championship in 1980. […]


Lovie Smith faster to change in 2015

Bruce Carter was brought over from The Dallas Cowboys who play a similar defense as Bucs with heavy influence from Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli to start at the Mike Linebacker. He is a veteran, and has experience; He’s also now the backup because Lovie Smith promoted rookie linebacker Kwon Alexander who played high above the […]

Countering OVERREACTION SUNDAY! Bucs Starting Defense only gave up 9 Points, Jameis not as bad as we thought.


There was Lavonte Davis going for a pick but not getting there in time resulting in a 20+ yard play. Before that a roll out by Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater that resulted in a sizable gain.

Lost in there is Jonathan Banks excellent coverage against Mike Wallace in the end zone, or David’s solid tackling on third down to force a Field Goal. The next possession the Bucs defense held the Vikings to a three and out despite the Bucs offense getting pinned back in poor field possession and getting a three and out themselves.

The third Bucs possession on offense resulted in yet another 3 and out and Viking Punt Returner Shilds brought the Purple home team into the Bucs 37 yard line. Starters were still in the game when Vikings WR Wright got into a soft spot for a 20 yard pass to set up a rushing TD. The Vikings failed at the 2 point conversion so with 3 Vikings possessions and 2 Buccaneer ones with starters in led to a 9-0 Minnesota lead before Vikings took out Bridgewater and Bucs took out almost all starters on defense, so any remaining scores went against backups.

JAMEIS WINSTON had to overcome some rookie mistakes by several others as seen in the video above.

  • Kaelin Clay’s decision making sabotaged field position for Jameis.
  • Garrett Gilkey’s inability to snap the ball sabotaged at least two plays for Winston.
  • Donovan Smith’s first play in the NFL led to a Jameis sack; Winston never had a chance.

Once again lost in the whole thing is the fact the Vikings already played a game in which they did not give up a TD to the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving them a huge advantage over the Bucs who have had all of 10 practices.

10 Practices vs a Full Game

Your criticism seems almost silly now doesnt it? Lets talk after Monday nights game vs the Cincinnati Bengals.




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2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers RECORDS BROKEN- How a 2-14 team broke records!

The 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have only been 2-14, but they lost a lot of close games by 7 points or less, and broke a lot of records, so thought it would be good to share those with you as were updating the RECORDS section. OFFENSE Mike Evans with 12 TDs in 2014 is […]