Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be Winners in 2014

The biggest reason the Bucs will be winners in 2014 is that they really weren’t that far away in some aspects in 2012/2013. Consider this…with no QB to speak of, The Bucs lost 3 of their first 4 games by 6 total points. While they surprised them, Tampa Bay still put it to Seattle on […]

Bucstop’s Video of the Day: First Home Game of Last Playoff Team

The year was 2007, the last time the Bucs were a playoff team. Coming off a disasterous 2006 year, the Bucs resigned new coaches including bringing back Raheem Morris as DBs coach.  The biggest disaster of 06 was not having a QB, something that Jon Gruden never really had in Tampa. He brought in Jeff Garcia past his prime, but Garcia had one more good year in him.

In this game you see what a healthy Cadillac Williams, Garcia, Galloway and Clayton could have done together. Offset with Earnest Graham, this would have been a good team. In a few weeks Starting left Tackle and tailback would be a major concern after injuries.

We’ll never know how Garcia would have fared in 08 had the Brett Favre situation ever unfolded. Everyone thought for sure Favre would come to the Bucs, but instead Green Bay shipped him to the Jets. Garcia never got over it and was benched.

In the end, the 07 Bucs clinched the playoffs so early, they had 3 games to rest their starters. Even still, Joey Galloway was hurt in San Francisco playing in a meaningless game, was ineffective in the playoffs as a decoy. Galloway would never be the same player again either after three consecutive 1000 yard seasons.

UnRealistic Expectations: Don’t Expect Bucs to Dominate for Years

Most people in the business agree; Tampa Bay will turn things around with Lovie Smith as new Bucs head coach. His being part of the Tony Dungy tree and his experience in Chicago tells us that with that alone we can expect the Bucs to compete in every game next season and beyond. But during […]

Bucs Trivia- How Many TDs did John Lynch return for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


In a little known trivia question, many Bucs fans would find it amazing to find out that John Lynch has never returned a Touchdown in all the years he played for the Bucs.

For fun’s sake, here is a video of Bucs safety Cody Grimm, who DID return a pick for a TD in only his 3rd game as a starter. Kinda makes you think huh?

Thats why were here!!

Bucstop Video of the Day

Excellent 2013 Review Video by Buc1CANE1ers on YouTube

This Video deserves major Kudos. First part with Welcome Back was a little Cheesy, but thats ok considering the great work done AFTER.

If you wish, FF to 1:05 when the music starts…you would swear your watching the newest Bucs yearbook, which is clearly not out yet. Good Job of Video editing.

Bucstop’s Video of the Day: 1995 Draft Video for Derrick Brooks

The list of videos will be long.

HOF Video, HOF selection video, Highlight reel, Superbowl Championship video, well lets go all the way back to Derrick “The Don” Brooks’ Draft Video. This was the skinny on Double Nickel before he became a Buc.

Bucs WILL Go QB in Draft, But not at #7

New Mexico v Fresno State

There is speculation on Clowney or Khalil; there’s even talk of having Sammy fall to the Bucs. The Bucs are going to take a QB in the draft, but don’t expect Tampa Bay to take a QB at No.7, because neither of the guys they want isn’t a first round pick.

Everything I have seen and heard 121613-Garoppolo-600from Lovie Smith tells me he has done his homework last year in his time away from the NFL. Lovie has learned the lessons of his mistakes made, just like Tony Dungy learned from his time in Tampa before he went to Indianapolis. This time, were on the right end of the story in Tampa Bay.

Lovie knows he repeated Dungy’s mistake- the lack of offense, and it killed what could have been a dynasty in the making.

Think about it..Tampa Bay had one of the best defenses of all time. But at QB the 97-2001 Dungy led Bucs had Trent Dilfer, Shawn King, and Brad Johnson; and only one year of the latter. Look how competitive the Bucs had been from mid 2009 to 2012 with Josh Freeman (of sound mind) at the helm with only a So-so average defense to fall  back on. Imagine Dungy’s Bucs with Peyton Manning.

Still, anything can happen. You just need to take emotion out of the equation when you try to figure out who you want at QB. Unlike other years, there is a serious knock against every top QB projected to come out of this 2014 draft. Charley Casserly, former GM of Houston Texans, talks about the big guys; and he agrees there is no clear pick.

“Clowney shouldn’t be there when the Bucs pick, and there will be better Wide Receivers than Mike Williams” in the first 5 rounds. Teddy Bridgewater was most consist on tape. But his lower body build is a concern. Opinions vary on his leadership abilities,  but he really doesn’t toss a lot of those WOW throws.

Johnny Maziel- No pocket discipline, off field issues. outstanding athlete, makes living with feet. good arm. sees field. Sometimes he looks at a guy but won’t throw. Is it a lack of confidence in WR or more in himself?

McCarron- intelligence-decision making- needs better arm and accuracy

Blake Bortles- The guy Casserly said he would take. Good arm, field vision. has the WOW Throws. Inconsistent, throws balls he shouldn’t. Talented, but he is a ways away.

Casserly is one man, although his sentiments ring true across most NFL circles, just not all. But in the case of Lovie Smith there is the “Dungy Factor” that is more important to every  decision we can predict the Bucs will make.

The Bucs will either take the best player available or trade down to get one of the two QBs they covet most; Jimmy Garopollo or Derek Carr. Garopollo is probably the best player on tape-level of competition is lowest. Moves in pocket, arm good enough, but totally raw. The kind of QB you let ride the bench while he learns from a Veteran for a couple years. Like Josh McCown? Derrek Carr- he had one of the best workouts. Makes NFL throws. Did not play against good defenses though.

The Bucs under Lovie Smith have followed along a smooth and predictable pattern. They replaced the offensive line piece by piece, Signing the replacement player before letting go of the Veterans and their Cap money that was used to bring in these players. Josh McCown was signed with a plan in mind. There is no way Lovie Smith intended to start McCown for two years only to hope for another QB to come along and take over. No, a plan is in place and  The Bucs are getting a QB of the future in this draft, and Lovie knows he has about 2 or 3 years to put together a dominating team in that frame.

You can listen to Charley Casserly below….

Bucstop.com’s Video of the Day: The Day Raheem’s Team grew up in Seattle

The Bucs were under heat…they were 1-12 and both Offensive and Defensive Coordinators had been fired. Raheem Morris seemed over his head, But the team was behind their coach 100%. Josh Freeman looked like the real deal, and the defense was showing signs of playing better, but the Bucs were still losing.

Then, in Seattle, the Bucs put it all together and shocked the world.

The next week pre game before playing the Saints, New Orleans Head Coach said to Morris “Your not in Seattle now”. Couldn’t tell, the upstart Bucs beat the Saints on the road too. By finishing 2-1 on the season the Bucs came out in 2010 with a 2-0 start and finished with a 10-6 season just missing the playoffs by a tiebreaker. Of course the ‘youngry’ Bucs would fall apart in 2011 as a lack of veteran leadership could not keep a team of college grads together.

Lovie’s early report card? Depends on who you ask

The Bucs are working now, they get to do so because of an agreement with the NFLPA and League which states that when a new coach takes over a team they get one extra OTA activity ahead of other teams. With Lovie Smith being a new coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this weekend is […]

Bucstop.com’s Video of the Day: Karl ‘The Truth’ Williams takes 4th and long pass and saves the day


The scenario..the amazing pewter power Bucs had won 4 games in a row and were one win away from tying the record of 5. The Bucs had the Arizona Cardinals right where they wanted them until Aeneas Williams picked off Trent Dilfer for a Pick 6. With time ticking away in the 4th Quarter the Bucs faced 4th and long and the realization that they may have had one more possession if that. Karl ‘The Truth” Williams took the pass, covered by Aeneas Williams, and took it to the house for the lead and win. The 5-0 Bucs went on to 10-6 and the first home playoff game in 18 years!

It was the last Bucs game played in the old Sombrero.

How did Tampa Bay Buccaneers get to this state of affairs?

It was a nice cool evening… I was getting phone calls as if “I”had just done what the Bucs had done…Won SuperBowl XXXVII. It was one of the proudest moments of my sports life-I had been through so much as a Bucs fan. The Doug Williams years..losing Doug over money and the double digit years […]

“DUNGY DAYS” are back at One Buc

Tyji Armstrong was a solid Tight End; Lamar Thomas was a great Wide Receiver- cut from the same cloth as fellow ‘U’ WR Michael Irvin. But they both were not considered Dungy material so their days were numbered when new Head Coach Tony Dungy took over the Bucs in 1996. Shift to offseason 2014 and […]

Bucstop’s Video of the day: Joey Galloway

Basically the Bucs got Joey Galloway for Keyshawn Johnson. It looked like a bad deal in 2004 as Galloway suffered a hurt Hamstring opening day going for a TD pass at Washington (that had not been dropped would have tied the score)

Bucs fans didn’t see Galloway until  End of the year when he caught a 3 yard TD pass from Brian Griese and just to show how far he was down the depth chart…the Bucs had him returning punts!

Well return he did…

Watch the video in your browser here…2004 Joey Galloway TD

Joey Galloway

Jay Mohr needs to forget about Tampa Bay

We finally got rid of Jim Rome and now we have to deal with Jay Mohr….what is it that makes clear channel feel we need to listed to Los Angeles sports talk hosts in the noon to 3 pm slot? Mohr took shots at Tampa Bay yesterday (wednesday) regarding our (take one freaking wild guess) […]