POST GAME THOUGHTS on Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-32 Loss to LA Rams

Just some quick thoughts before retiring for the night: Why exactly did we fire Lovie Smith again? Poor Game Management, no progress with defense. Lets look at the first three games points given up, regardless of how. LOVIE SMITH 2014   95 Points against first three games (Including that Thursday night loss to Atlanta) 2015 […]


GAME DAY PDF Tampa Bay vs Los Angeles Rams

Sorry for not a lot of content here, future Sister In Law just had a Baby…worst possible timing as the Great Bucs UK squad led by Phil Jones and founded originally by Paul Stewart, are in town and thanks to the Glazers and Brian Ford, have sideline passes for me…that I have to pass on. […]


64 reasons Lovie Smith was not the main problem with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I said it earlier today, its now obvious Lovie wasn’t the biggest problem with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was told “How can you say that? what are your reasons”? I have 64 reason… as in 64 points the Bucs have surrendered with their ‘improved’ defense that everyone thought would suddenly swarm like the flag […]


Reality sets in on Tampa Bay Buccaneers and fans with lopsided loss

The theme of this article is about the REALITY that the BUCS, and its fans, must now accept as fact and not fantasy anymore: FACT: The Bucs are not THERE yet. Bucs fans are so starved for a winner, having put up with 2015, an even worse 2014, I disastrous start to 2013, end of […]


GAME DAY PDF: plus “Can Buccaneers start 2-0?”

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GAME DAY PDF Can Bucs Start 2-0? Don’t think its impossible; what was great last year, may not be great this season. The Patriots without Gronk, without Brady, beat the Cardinals, whose main real asset is their running game. What do the Bucs do the best? Stop the run. Oh and […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston Poised To Avoid Sophomore Slump

Sophomore slump? Jameis Winston never heard of it. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston began the silencing of any critics who predicted he would have any sort of sophomore slump this season. The 22 year-old quarterback shined in the Bucs’ 2016 season opener, leading the Bucs to a 31-24 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Winston […]


Buccaneers’ Mike Evans has grown (Up) into his role for Tampa Bay

Josh Gorman is known to get under some skins; two I remember are up and coming NFL stars at the WR position. It amazes me how some players fall to the sophomore jinx and some do not, but Mike Evans definitely fell a bit from his amazing rookie year. The Bucs have had some great […]


Changes are obvious in Tampa Bay; Buccaneers still have more changes to come

The same basic phrase was trending often on twitter in the 4th qtr: “When did Lovie Smith take over defense?”. WHAT HASNT CHANGED gIt was sort of funny, and maybe the people who pat themselves on their backs the hardest for having such great vision to see that Lovie needed to get fired so Dirk […]


GAME DAY! SEASON OPENER: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

40 Years ago, people in the Tampa Bay area became something; Bucs Fans. That first game, at Houston, thesad Bucs were lost in the Astrodome, looking to find their way to the field. These days the Bucs are lost too, trying to find their way back to winning; a tradition short in history in this franchise. […]


Bucstop.com presents its 2016 NFL Predictions:

  Each year I do a full prediction of the NFL records team by team with reasons and record, and for the most part, the results sometimes come in pretty good. For 2015, I Accurately predicted entire NFC West to within 4 games of all FOUR TEAMS! I also Correctly got 4 of 8 Division […]


Carolina Panthers loss to Denver shows NFL Fans several learning lessons

Why did Jason Licht reach up into a higher round and draft a kicker? Because last nights loss by the Carolina Panthers on National Television on a Missed kick by Graham Gano shows one thing: In this new NFL era, a kicker is more important than ever. And thats why, when an opportunity to draft […]


Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and Doug Martin Primed To Carry Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been a “sleeper” pick in the NFC for the past couple years. Many thought that Greg Schiano could take them over the hump, and then Lovie Smith was brought in to lead the Bucs to the playoffs, but both failed. The Bucs let go of Smith last season and promoted […]


Free Survivor Pool Contest with $1000 in Prizes

Our friends at SportsBetListings.com are running a Survivor Pool contest for the upcoming NFL season. It’s free to enter and there is $1000 in cash prizes to be won. The top prize is $500, and the top 17 finishers all win a cash prize. Like I said, it’s free to enter, so it’s a great […]