What are OTAs for Tampa Bay Buccaneers? They are start of something new in Tampa Bay

Make no mistake about it, Jameis Winston is NOT Jamarcus Russell; the later could not find the time to put in EXTRA football stuff. Winston goes to Houston, TX to a Drake show and has his playbook with him, studying before hand!! It’s the beginning of the football season, starting with OTAs, Organized Team Activites, […]

VIDEO of the DAY- A Tony Dungy Trick Play!!

A conservative coach- Defensive minded, not willing to take a lot of risks.

If thats what you think of Tony Dungy, your probably right, but even the most stoic of coaches have their surprises up their sleeves.

In This case it was a tight game 5 of the 1997 season and the Bucs were 4-0 for the first time in 18 years, Dungy knew the Bucs needed a spark, so he called for one here!

Enjoy from the Bucstop.com Video Vault

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa,FL SuperBowl in 2019 or 2020 offers hope for 1st HOME SuperBowl

Tampa Bay had made the playoffs for 3 of the last 4 years, and now the SuperBowl was coming to Tampa, FL and everyone in the bay area hoped this would be the year the SuperBowl finally had a “Home” team in the game. The year was 1983, but Doug Williams was allowed to leave […]


To honor the new inductees into the ring of honor, Bucstop.com’s Video Vault gets opened for a quick viewing! 2 clips of each player which signify what they were about.

Williams 1- 1981 at Oakland, middle of the 3rd round the Bucs still did not have a 1st down. It was bad, but only 15-0 bad. Williams heaved a pass to Kevin House, one of many Bombs from Williams House brought down. Williams would finish with over 300 yard inspite of having only a couple yards before this pass. Bucs lost on a blocked FG attempt.

Williams 2- The revenge game against the Rams 1980 on Monday Night Football (Thursday Edition), after a pass interference on rookie Kevin House, Williams willed himself down to the one foot line, then took care of the Rams himself. Bucs got the 10 points they couldn’t get the year before in the NFC Championship game, winning 10-9 to go to 2-0 on the year.

Alstott 1- The quintessential Mike Alstott video, this is when A Train became the A-Train! 1997 and the Bucs just changed uniforms, and were 2-0 before this visit to Minnesota. Just watch, no explanation needed.

Alstott 2- 1999 NFC Divisional Playoffs, Washington held the Bucs offense to no points but only managed a FG, but then with the 2nd half kickoff, Redskins returned it for a 10-0 lead which became 13 to 0 in the 3rd quarter. John Lynch picked off a Brad Johnson pass and spiked it in front of the Bucs bench, an act that did not go unnoticed. Fired up, Bucs offense scored on this play after the drive. Bucs would score once more to win 14-13 and a trip to the NFC Championship game.

VIDEO VAULT- Rookie Camp opens, Then We go Orange Pants, Sam Wyche style for Friday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Feature Video of the Day!

Jameis Winston showed up FIRST at Rookie camp, and greeted his fellow Bucs at the door as seen in this You Tube video.


Jameis Winston was first to arrive at One Buc Place to meet & greet all of his fellow rookies heading into tomorrow's Rookie Mini-Camp. #FireTheCannons

Posted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, May 7, 2015

IF that’s any indication, Winston is ready to lead the Bucs where they need to be.

Oh lets just go back 21 years for all you legal to drink Bucs fans, because if you were 21 for this game you would own stock in ABC Liquors! The Bucs were at the end actually, the last loss before the winning streak at the end of 1994 where Bucs won 4 straight before dumping last game to Green Bay which clinched a playoff spot in ’94 tournament.
In this game, Bucs QB Craig Erickson kept rookie Trent Dilfer on the bench with good plays like this to WR Courtney Hawkins!

VIDEO FLASHBACK!! 2010 Josh Freeman saves the day…again, with Cadillac

The Bucs were coming off a disastrous 3-13 season in 2009, and they won 2 of the last three games to get THAT good! Going into 2010 though the feel good story was surrounding Josh Freeman who appeared to be the real thing. The Bucs head coach Raheem Morris was talking about a “Race to 10″ meaning ten wins usually gets you a playoff spot or position for it. Ironically on the final game of the season the Bucs were playing to get that 10th win and hope for help to get into the playoffs.

But many weeks before that, Tampa Bay was an amazing 3-2 team playing at home against the Rams. It was becoming obvious Cadillac Williams was but a shadow of his former self with two knee surgeries, but he still had some skill, he just couldn’t be the feature back. A couple weeks before the Bucs tried rookie LeGarrette Blount, who hammered home a touchdown against the Steelers in a goal line situation and warranted a look at. He had some good runs against the rams, and of course we later found out that Blount was a leaping danger!

Vs the Rams the Bucs got 8 yards on 5 carries in what may have been the worst first half of football in Bucs history. Blount ran for 66 second half yards and sparked the running back controversy which led to more carries in the season. Freeman rallied the Bucs for the 5th comeback in 15 attempts, but it was Cadillac who came up the hero in the 4th QTR with the reception. The Bucs would get to 4-2 then 5-2 before a key loss at home to the Lions that killed the playoff chances for Tampa Bay in the Wild Card race that would eventually go to Green Bay; the Super Bowl champion that season.

Breaking a Myth- Dandy Don Meredith never said “Welcome to Mile High- and I am”

Long time NFL fans and/or fans of classic Monday Night Football have heard the legandary tale of MNF’s first visit ever to Denver to broadcast a Monday Night Game against the Oakland Raiders and their new QB making his second start Ken Stabler!

But what the game is most known for is the Monday Night Lore which says Dan Meredith was out at a pregame party and came to the game semi-smashed! He proceeded to say when introducing the game …

“Welcome to Mile High, and I am” !! amidst large criticism obviously. One problem; it never happened.

Try to find the youtube.com video for it. You won.

Fortunately Bucstop.com is a football Video Vault site and we have a small collection of classic Monday Night games from the Howard Cosell era, and as you can hear, he doesnt make mention of “and I am” or anything, other than saying “HI!” first when que’d from Cosell.

Our recent quiz of Bucs fans on their 1970s Bucs knowledge showed a lot of fans have some facts mixed up facts from different eras. Bucs fans from that time will swear Doug Williams broke his jaw in the NFC Championship game vs the Rams, when truth is he broke his jaw vs Rams in 1978 regular season game! In the playoff game of 1979 he tore a bicep, and could not make it back to finish the game, a 9-0 loss.

How many more urban legends are untrue based on incorrect memories? To be fair Meredith was definitely a little tipsy and fellow commentator Frank Gifford took the Mic with a “I’d better” comment acknowledging the fact! This crew had the most fun and was the epitome of what Monday Night Football was in that era. Meredith would leave MNF from 74-76 and return in 1977. He was best known for his “Turn out the lights….the party’s over” line from a Willy Nelson song.

New Buccaneer Joey Iosefa is NOT another Mike Alstott!

7th round draft pick Joey Iosefa RB out of Hawaii  stands a good chance to make the team, as the Bucs plan to make him a fullback next year. Currently the Bucs have Javorski Lane at that position, and adding Iosefa will add depth and even better, a back you can give the ball to on 3 & inches to get you the first down.

Problem is Bucs fans are hungering so bad for a winner they are associating the words with a former Buc who fits the description, Fullback/Tailback Mike Alstott. A fan favorite from his rookie year on to this day still, Alstott is the career leader in Touchdowns. But their running styles could not be more different.

Iosefa is a straight ahead runner who churns and gets that extra yard with effort. His size makes him a natural candidate to switch to fullback, but Iosefa gets the extra yards by running straight on and daring people to try to tackle him. He’s tall when he’s running through the      crowd, and there is always a crowd trying to tackle him, as evidenced by this youtube video below….


Alstott had the uncanny ability to change direction for a big guy, almost as a 205 pound swift tailback would do. He had the power (more power honestly) to bull over guys, launch into the end zone over the top, as well as evade a tackle by sidestepping. Watch the videos for yourself and make the call.

Joey Iosefa will probably make the Bucs roster and could have a  nice role with the Bucs for years to come, but he is no Mike Alstott, so lets stop that before it gets started.



Next Year (2016) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers show will be a Western

Enjoy this Video of Bucs WR Kevin House outracing Ronnie Lott for Touchdown!


As the NFL Schedules (teams vs teams) is predetermined for years in advanced except for two games per year, knowing who the Bucs play next year and where is no secret; only two games remain at large. But because the Bucs are part of the NFC, the rotation for NFC conferences is once every 3 years, while its once every 4 years vs the AFC; again because the Bucs are NOT in the AFC so we have to play each division once.

Sample formula of how Bucstop.com figured out the 2 at large games!

Sample formula of how Bucstop.com figured out the 2 at large games!

As that so happens, every 12 years (3×4) a West/West schedule happens and sure enough next year it is so! The Bucs play the NFC west AND the AFC West, and the Bucs do not like to play out west historically. Last (and first) time this oddity happened was 2004, the Bucs finished 5-11, and lost all 4 west coast trips. They fared better at home going 2-2 at Raymond James Stadium.

WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT 2016?  Because QB Jameis Winston will get intense scrutiny with everything he does, and his 2nd year will be judged greater than his first. He gets to play his sophomore season battling west coast teams, but luckily only two games are way out west on the road: at Seattle and at San Diego, while at Kansas City and at St.Louis Rams is a midway trip!

The benefit is the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, and San Francisco 49ers all have to come to Tampa, so hopefully they don’t like their long trip! So why are we talking about next years schedule? Because now that we have a franchise QB, everyone will talk about his sophomore slump, or his first season as a veteran Bucs signal caller.

What are the games the Bucs have to wait to see? Tampa Bay will play the team that finishes in the same place the Bucs do (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) AT the NFC East and HOME vs NFC North. Anyone think the Bucs can finish second? Think Detroit may finish 2nd in the North behind the Packers? If so the Bucs would play with Jameis Winston and VJax/Mike Evans against Megatron and Stafford here at Raymond James.

How do we know this? Its a rolling schedule that began in 2002 when the NFL re-alligned its teams into nice neat 4 team divisions. The old alignment was getting out of control. The NFC West was always San Francisco, Atlanta (explain how the Falcons were in the west, go ahead, try!) New Orleans and Los Angeles Rams. Then they added the Carolina Panthers. A North Carolina team and Atlanta team had to go back and forth to San Francisco and New Orleans for division games!!

The AFC Central swelled up to 6 teams! When they knew they were adding the Houston Texans the NFL decided to break up some divisions even if the battles were tough. The Colts were always part of the division battles with Miami and the Jets, but had to go to the new AFC South. The Cardinals had to leave the NFC east to preserve the rivalries between Washington, Dallas, NYG and Philly. They decided to have 4 divisions with 4 teams in each, and every year each division would play the other divisions in both their own conference and other other, on a Home and Home basis, rotating every 3 seasons for teams in your own conference (AFC/NFC) and 4 years out of conference (Because you already play your own division, you can’t schedule your division again right??). So if you know your playing the NFC East this year, and your the Bucs in the NFC South, there are only two divisions left….the North and West. If you follow the pattern, you can figure out who will play where for years to come…

2009 Vs North @ West

2010 @East  Vs North

2011 Vs East @ West

2012 Vs West @ North

2013 @North Vs East

2014 @ East Vs West

2015 @West Vs North

2016 VS North  @ East

You may think the North should be away, but if you look closely, the North games always are back to back Away/away or Home/home.

Too complicated? The schedules are available each year after the last game of the season or when the teams placement is set in stone!!