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Make no mistake…yes the Bucs have only won one game in a row, yes they only have 2 victories, but MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, this is a team on the rise. And if they are a team on the rise, and the NFC South is a division on the fall, things could happen. By Monday night […]

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Gary Shelton Sports Website sure to be a hit

As long as I can remember, my family has been a St. Pete Times (now Tampa Bay Times) subscriber, every day I would go out to the curb to grab the paper, pull it out of the bag, grab the sports and pass the rest on! Of course the newspaper is going the way of […]

Marcus Arroyo has done a great job, but cannot replace Jeff Tedford.

Offense finally starting to recover from Tedfords job abandonment

The Bucs offense performed as good as it has all season, save maybe the Buffalo game in preseason, the last game Jeff Tedford coached as Offensive Coordinator before abandoning the Bucs due to his health concerns. I say abandoning after reading Scott Reynolds telling article last week on what really happened with the Bucs former […]


CONNECTIONS- What the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in common!

FORMER BUCCANEERS Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman was the Buccaneers’ quarterbackscoach for one season (1987). Bears Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer spent three seasons(2005-07) as the senior offensive assistant with the Buccaneers. Bears Assistant Special Teams Coach Dwayne Stukes spent a combined eight seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent two seasons (2002-03) as a […]


How Close are Tampa Bay Buccaneers to making the Playoffs Race a Reality?

In the immortal words of Jim Mora: “Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? Play offs? …were lucky just to win the game”!! How well put Mora, but as most Bucs fans were happy enough to not know what to do with themselves as the clock started counting down after the last Mike Evans TD celebration, the basic fact remains, […]

VIDEO VAULT Flashback: @ Chicago 2006 Bucs go Nutz in 2nd Half

The Bucs have played two memorable games in Chicago the last two times they’ve been there. In 2008 Tampa Bay played comeback with Brian Griese and we’ll show you those clips later in the week.

Today it’s the 2006 trip Tampa Bay Buccaneers took to Soldier Field, and it was one for the ages. The Bears were a Super Bowl team that year, and the Bucs were in between two division championship years, and collapsed from losing too many defensive coaches at once. Raheem Morris, Mike Tomlin, Rod Marinelli, all gone at once. Chris Simms ruptured his spleen, and Jon Gruden went with the rookie who was hot in preseason, Bruce Gradkowski. But after a few games, the Polish Popgun started to backfire.

With the season all but done, Gruden had enough and put Tim Rattay in for week 14. It was amazing to see.

It started at the top with Mike Alstott getting a TD run. Then the Bucs decided to tempt fate and kick off directly to DEVIN HESTER. Check it out.

In the end, the Bucs forced overtime, but couldn’t move the ball as Lovie Smith’s defense tightened up and the Bucs turned the ball over in OT and the Bears took advantage. But it was fun to watch as the Bucs who were inept all season, suddenly caught fire and almost beat one of the best teams in football.

VIDEO: Bucs Defense and Mike EVANS! Plus..Monday Morning Buc-Shots post Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers win


The game has clearly passed Lovie Smith by. The comedy of that statement has never been funnier, problem is the young fans who say it haven’t been football fans long enough to see Lovie’s 82 Wins since 2004 is the 4th most wins by a Head Coach.

Turns out the Bucs just needed the Wright combination to be a Major winner! By game ten, the defense has put aside players who are not buying into the system. At least 4 of Sundays starters were on the bench or farther away from the starting line up when the Bucs played the Panthers opening day. Here’s the list.

  • Jonathan Casillias       Danny Lansanah
  • Mark Barron                 Major Wright
  • Adriane Clayborn        William Gholston
  • Alterraun Verner         Crezdon Butler

S Bradley McDougald, CB Isaiah Frey, DE TJ Fatinikun, DE Jacquies Smith all have been

Lansanah is just one of many young Bucs playing harder for Lovie than some of the Veteran starters from week 1.

Lansanah is just one of many young Bucs playing harder for Lovie than some of the Veteran starters from week 1.

getting involved in recent weeks to bring youth, energy, and more importantly, obedience to the roster. More important than just being a star, the Tampa Two requires players to be reliable to their fellow Buc.

LB Orie Lemon, CB Brandon Dixon, LB Dane Fletcher, and LB Brandon Magee are all young underrated players contributing on special teams, on special occasions, and helping Lovie’s defense make a difference.

BUCS Coach to be Fired?

Good chance it will happen this year, but it won’t be the one some KooKoo fans want. Instead of Lovie, Special Team coach Kevin O’Dea is on the hot seat. Have you ever seen worse Tampa Bay Buccaneers special teams? Some credit has to be given, because special teams are usually made of backup players. Well the Bucs have a very poor roster depth to begin with talent wise, so it’s just natural to expect poor coverage units to some extent. But Punter Michael Koenen has fallen apart, FGs are getting blocked (they are NOT low trajectory), punts being blocked, and Tampa Bay has had more punt returners than wins. The only bright spot on special teams is placekicker Patrick Murray who has been awesome on 50+ yard FGs, even his misses have been close ones that ‘DONK’ off the crossbar.


McCown QB of the future?

Isn’t it amazing what a win does for you?  Not only did Josh McCown look better than any Bucs

McCowns passes were crisp and accurate, it was the Best passing day by a Buc QB in two years.

McCowns passes were crisp and accurate, it was the Best passing day by a Buc QB in two years.

QB since 2012, but he benefitted from the best pass blocking this offensive line has done all year. The Glennon Mob won’t give up, but lets just say many of their membership have looked into paper/card shredder prices for black friday. This was what the Bucs saw when they brought McCown in from Chicago.


It is absolutely ludicrous for an NFL team who won its 2nd game a week before Thanksgiving to be talking about playoffs. It’s also NUTS that the division leader is 4-6 and 1-5 in the last 6 games.

But the truth is, with the Bucs playing a dominating game, and feeling like perhaps the team could be on the rise, is it really that crazy to think the Bucs couldn’t turn this into a playoff race in 2014 when your only 2 games out of first place?

TO examine this fairly, the Bucs have a major disadvantage in the “race”; they are 0-4 in the NFC South while Atlanta is 4-0, also, the Falcons have swept the Bucs this season, so in truth, the Bucs are 3 games out of first place at this moment with 6 games left. But thats only if the Bucs go head to head against Atlanta. What if it’s New Orleans the Bucs end up in the race against? The Saints can finish with the same 2-4 division record  the Bucs conceivably can. Then there is Carolina who’s got a half game Advantage/Disadvantage with their tie and could wind up 1-5 in the division. The Bucs still have a game at Carolina, and also one game (last week of the season) against the Saints at home.

For those  who say “whats the use..why would you want to be a 7-9 or 6-10 division winner”? the answer is easy: You get a home game- see Seattle 2010 who at 7-9 won the division and HOSTED an 11-5 Saints Wild Card team, and BEAT THEM. Tell me THAT wouldn’t build momentum into next season??


Want to shed a tear? Just think, if the Bucs are this close to the playoffs, imagine if Tampa Bay Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.03.56 PMhad one JUST ONE OF THOSE CLOSE LOSSES!!! Just one! The Bucs would be one game out of first place. Go farther… pick two games, the Carolina game, and the Saints win, with double digit lead in 4th QTR, and Tampa Bay would be 2-2 in the division, and actually the division leader.

Woulda Should Coulda. It’s fun though…until you cry!

Draft or Win?

Yes the Bucs put a slight damper on their draft status. Players don’t think this way, but as fans we have to you want a win? Or a  good draft pick? I’ll Take a Win any day. Wins, especially when you know a young team will have players coming back next year, are more infectious than draft pics. Players don’t celebrate draft picks. And please tell me which player in the 2015 is guaranteed to make the Bucs better next year, that a winning streak won’t do.

DRAFT RESULTS- What do you get in the draft? The Bucs drafted Mark Barron 7th overall to compensate for the ills of 2011. Winning 4 games down the stretch would have saved the regime and Ensuing roster turnover. Meanwhile 2013 2nd round draft pick Jonathan Banks continues to grow and produce more, something Barron never did.

Draft History vs Win History

If drafting higher is better than wins, why aren’t the Bucs in better shape? What team has more losing over the last 3 decades? How many Trent Dilfers, Vinny Testaverdes, Gaines Adams, and Eric Currys do the Bucs need to draft before we realize its not a sure thing. In all the years, perhaps only Lee Roy Selmon (1976), Martin Gramatica(1999), Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks (1995) and Davin Joseph (2006) were really worth the losses the year before, Selmon not withstanding.

Michael Clayton, Maurice Stoval, Danny Peebles and many others have been drafted in an attempt to bring the Bucs a home grown offensive talent at Wide Receiver. Decades later, it seems the Bucs finally got it right with Mike Evans.

Regan Upshaw and Marcus Jones were the Bucs top draft picks under Tony Dungy, both defensive ends. It was obvious what Dungy wanted to do with his first team. Lovie Smith spent his first draft on offense, taking Mike Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. Expect next year to be all defense. I have news for all Bucs fans: Tampa Bay will not take a QB with the top pick in the draft. Ive put that in ink right here. QB will be addressed at a later date. Lovie will put a good team around his QB of the future.

Don’t Look now, Tampa Bay Buccaneers win 27-7- 2 Games out of 1st Place!

More later, but here is Video HD of Mike Evans record TD catch, Evans became the 4th Buc ever to have 200 receiving yards in a game. Also became first WR since Randy Moss as a rookie to have 3 straight 100 yard games.

With The Saints loss today at home, and the Bucs playing like maybe they’re getting it, the Bucs are 2 games out of first place with games vs Carolina and New Orleans coming up before the end of the season.

Next week Bucs play at Chicago.

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GAME DAY! Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins

              Bucs at Redskins is really not a rivalry, nor has it ever been one in Bucs history. There were times when the Bucs would play the Skins often, sometimes twice a year, back during the NFLs old scheduling system. Then there was the 1999 playoff game that featured […]


Michael Koenen suffers for Bucs poor Special Teams Coverage Units

The Boos hit Michael Koenen as he finished punting some of the shortest punts of his career. Fans don’t understand, its Not Koenen failing at his job. You don’t all of a sudden forget how to punt. The Bucs special teams are horrible, and there is a logical reason for it. Who are your special […]

Video Vault Analysis- Bucs were rebuilding 5 years ago. Stop firing Coaches.


If there is even a part of you who wants to fire Head Coach Lovie Smith, if there is one fiber of your being that thinks the Glazers will pay Greg Schiano 2 years and Lovie Smith 4 years while trying yet another Head Coach, pay attention: Firing Head Coaches is why the Bucs are Rebuilding once again.

Once again? Sure. Go ahead watch the video up above. I’ll wait.

Did you recognize anyone? If you did, its because you watched it 5 years ago when it happened, because not a soul is left from that team. Well, Demar Dotson was on that team…somewhere. Probably a practice squad player.

Listen to the futility the Bucs were experiencing in their 4th game of the season that year, as they waited for Josh Freeman to become ready to play.

You see the Bucs were 9-7 the two years before this, but new head coach Raheem Morris did what all new head coaches do…cleaned house. Granted Morris’ cleaning was of a veteran  bunch that didn’t catch on with any other teams. Call it the over the hill bunch, Jamel Cook, Jeff Garcia, Brian Greise, Ike Hilliard, Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, all at the end of their careers.

But the same thing would happen to these group of young Bucs coming in, the Youngry Bucs who overachieved and went 10-6 just missing a playoff birth by a tie breaker or a pass interference call against Detroit. Guys like Sammy Stroughter, Roy Miller, Michael Bennett, Greg White, all cut loose by the Greg Schiano regime, who wanted to bring in their guys, their players.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like what Lovie Smith and Jason Licht did with some of last years players. Special Teamers like Economos, Adam Hayward, and Dekoda Watson. Offensive Lineman Jeremy Zuttah could seriously have made a difference on the offensive line this year.

I don’t have a problem with a rebuilding year or two, nor do I care if the franchise tells me its a rebuilding year, Im smart enough of a fan to know what it is. But Bucs fans need to understand unless you stick out the full plan of a new head coach, you will always get rebuilding plans over and over again.

A lot of talent was brought in on offense in this years draft, and Bucs fans should have equal confidence that next years draft will be just as amazing, perhaps all on defense this year.

When you consider the inconsistent play at QB this year, you have some real Gems appearing in Tampa Bay. Then take into account the Offensive Coordinator debacle, which was completely unavoidable.

Players like Mike Evans going for a 1000 yard season and 5TDs already challenging Mike Williams rookie record.. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins large frame and quick speed catching passes and Touchdowns.  The QB play has had its affect, Vincent Jackson is doing better with Josh McCown back in the huddle, where as Bucs WR Louis Murphy had a better connection with QB Mike Glennon.

The more you look at the video, the more frustrating it gets, seeing all those young players, all gone, with nothing to show for their time but one 10-6 season. Lets not allow this to happen to these 2014 promising young players, who will have even more young players added in the 2015 draft and beyond.

It’s easy to avoid: Be patient, understand its a 3 year process, and come to the realization that Lovie Smith hasn’t forgotten how to coach. Did they miss on Free Agents this year? Yes. It happens: The Bucs missed on Free Agents in 2004 far worse. Didn’t mean Jon Gruden had the game pass him by! And how are Lovie’s old Bears doing these days?

Or Fire Lovie Smith, maybe we can go back to the Bill Cowher talk- He’s a 3-4 guy, Gerald McCoy and Levonte David don’t fit that defense, he would probably ship them off, then the Bucs would REALLY have no talent.

A win is close, the Bucs just need to believe in themselves a bit more.

A win is close, the Bucs just need to believe in themselves a bit more.

With Josh McCown back at the helm, the offense may have had the best first half of the year. The numbers look more like what you want from a team looking to win.

Its been a case of a dumb play here and there, and while the defense may be in need of a full overhaul, the offense can start taking the lead for the Bucs as it develops and scoring more points.

Everyone is on Austin Sefarian-Jenkins for his Captain Morgan impersonation after his TD. To quote just about everyone…” He caused this team to give up the winning TD”. really? The Falcons got the ball on the 35 yard line. Not the 50, not the 45, not even the 40. The 35 yard line. The DEFENSE gave up the 65 yards for a TD. Are you telling me if Falcons get the Ball on the 20, they wouldn’t complete a 15 yard pass to Julio Jones and get the ball at the same spot?

ASJ needs to learn a lesson, because one day that COULD cost the Bucs, but if anyone says that is why the Bucs lost the game, they need to move to Edmonton and start watching football there.