Antonio Brown latest in Steelers sore losers as their Luck ran out

Know one thing about the history of Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers football: There have been a lot of Steeler Sore Losers. From Lee Flowers calling the Bucs “Paper Champions” after a Monday Night Football win of 10 points over our backup QBs after spotting Pittsburgh a 17-0 first quarter lead. The game finished […]

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September 28, 2014 shows Vincent Jackson's amazing talent at WR.

Monday Morning Madness: Tampa Bay Bucs 1 Game out of 1st place??

Remember how unbeatable the Carolina Panthers were a few weeks ago? They were exposed by both the Steve Smith led Ravens and these same Steelers last week. Jimmy Graham? Sure he’ll probably have 8 catches for 145 yards and two touchdowns next week against us, but Drew Brees is joining Tom Brady is the “2000′s QBs who […]

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS SHOCK THE WORLD…Beat Pittsburgh Steelers for 2nd time EVER!

The Bucs get a big gain to set them up with the 3rd and goal pass.

Vincent Jackson makes up for ALL drops with this key catch and winning TD grab!

Mike Glennon, the first Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB with his own Mob, has his 3rd 4th Quarter come back to add to his resume, and has now tossed 22 TDs to 9 Interceptions as a Bucs Quarterback.

Yet there was a point in this game, if not many of them, that Glennon looked like he was NOT the answer. He still may not be, but winning is the greatest cleaner. It cleans everything. It cleans up coaches and play callers. It shines QBs and polishes.

A dropped TD bomb for Pittsburgh for starters, but the Bucs offensive output in the first half was embarrassing. It was becoming obvious that Glennon was NOT the answer, as the Bucs could not move the ball anywhere.

Vincent Jackson dropping balls like crazy.
Bucs secondary has opposing defenders seemingly wide open. Heath Miller was a monster TE today as the Bucs defense does not get this defense yet. Coverage is so soft, its mind boggling, and yet who is up next? New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham, a Buc killer.

Once again the Bucs lost the time of possession battle, only having the ball for 25:00 minutes.

Somewhere Josh Freeman was laughing, as an instant replay of the Jeter

There is nothing like winning a game you have completely lost. With 4 shots at the end zone, the Bucs misfired, and a loss was assured. But wait….after you start doing math, you realize the Bucs have a chance, however slim.

The Bucs defense sacked Steelers QB FIVE TIMES today, most important, two of those sacks came from Michael Johnson, heck even Da’Quan Bowers got in on the act.

Danny Lansanah is a playmaker on defense. Thats what the Bucs need more of on the defensive side, Jonathan Castillias seems to never make a play.

Mike Glennon threw for 302 yards on the day.

The Bucs defense did what they were supposed to do…made stops when they needed to, got a turnover and turned it into points.

Bucs fans need to get over Connor Barth, Patrick Murray has a lot of confidence, and even though that FG was ugly in the first half, Murray is solid so far and clutch in his FG attempts.

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Game Day! Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers Week 4

UPSET: To defeat an opponent that is considered more formidable. The Bucs will try to just that today in Pittsburgh as the Steelers are riding high coming off their Sunday night dismantling of NFC South leading Carolina Panthers. In the Bucs favor is the return of Gerald McCoy, perhaps their best player. But in concert, […]

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Need TIME, not an overhaul, on defense

Some out there would have you believe the Bucs need to blow this team up and start over. Some would throw the coach in that pile too, after three weeks. But perhaps you will listen to the voice of sanity, the voice of reason. The voice, of DERRICK BROOKS; who tells us the Tampa Bay […]

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Will Coach Arroyo have full control of offense like Tedford did?

It’s never stopped amazing me how people will say something to fit their agenda, then say the opposite a few minutes later when it holds a different meaning. Case in point: Comments abound that call for Bucs QB Mike Glennon to have a chance: “You don’t know what you have until you give him a […]

Bucstop.com VIDEO VAULT Flashback: Pittsburgh Steeler errors


The Bucs have made some really bad plays in the first few weeks of the season, and those bad plays have prevented first downs, prevented sustained drives, and are a big part in why the team is 0-3.

Well in the Bucs recent history with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a few bad plays are the norm. You may want to read below the videos first before watching, as it sets them up.

Above, the Clayton Drop for Sure TD in 2006

Gruden’s 2006 call to erase a shutout with a FG

Cody Grimm did great the rest of the year, but his first game….not so.

Keep in mind since the change to the new scheduling system back in 2002, the Bucs have only played the Steelers 4 times, including that SuperBowl season in the first year of the new format. The Bucs were buried by Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football down a quick 14-0 before the first quarter was over, when Shawn King played his last game as a Buc and Rob Johnson came in to at least add a TD to the lopsided score.

The Rematch was in 2006, the year the Bucs had QB issues (when HAVNT the Bucs had Quarterback issues? See Tomorrows article on Bucs QB sad stories) and Bruce Gradkowski went into his hometown Steelers and played a close game until too many scoring chances went by the wayside. The worse was the drop of a sure TD by Michael Clayton. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sure TD as sure in my life like that one by #80. The score was 10-0 Pittsburgh, so it would have been a game had he scored.

Of course the really sad part of this game was the ending, it was embarrassing. Jon Gruden, after Gradkowski had another TD dropped by Ike Hillard with 8 seconds left, ordered a FG attempt to erase the shutout earned by the Pittsburgh defense. I can only imagine what was being said between Gruden and Bill Cowher.

Fast Forwarding a bit to the last game played, Cody Grimm was thrust into the Safety position against the Steelers, who had a back up quarterback at the helm (We lost to a back up QB then too!) . A nice throw turned into a perfect catch by Mike Wallace as Grimm was out of position. Grimm played almost perfect safety the rest of the year.

What plays will the Bucs make against the Steeers this year? Good or bad? Enjoy these clips courtesy of CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and NFL Network!


CONNECTIONS- Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have these in common

PENNSYLVANIA TIES • Buccaneers LB Danny Lansanah is a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. • Buccaneers G Rishaw Johnson played collegiately California University of Pennsylvania (California, Pennsylvania). • Buccaneers Video Director Dave Levy is a native of Pittsburgh. FLORIDA TIES • Steelers OL Max Starks played collegiately at the University of Florida from 2001-03, and is […]

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers: Franchises in Contrast

The year was 1969, and the first coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was  finishing off a 10-0-1 season at USC with his  Trojans beating Michigan 10-3 in the Rose Bowl, finishing off with a #3 National Ranking. The only blemish was a 14-14 tie At Notre Dame. McKay was 7 years away from being […]

With open space in front of him, yet another Bucs safety messes up a chance at a huge play.

How do Tampa Bay Buccaneers put DISASTER behind them?

There is no option, there is no other course. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have nowhere else to go but forward. You’ll read articles about the Bucs playoff chances, which is just simply ridiculous to discuss after last week’s loss much less last night’s. Understand that on any given Sunday, any game can turn into this. […]


Quick thoughts: Fox’s Chip Carter has covered the Bucs for a long time, but He’s wrong to call for Josh McCown, who did nothing to help Bucs fall into that 35-0 hole. Vincent Jackson dropped balls all night long, only Bobby Rainey dropped more: onto the carpet. The old Bucs defense  would have had a […]


CONNECTIONS! Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons: Its whats in common!

FORMER BUCCANEERS • Falcons Defensive Line Coach Bryan Cox served as an assistant coach for the Buccaneers for two seasons (2012-2013). • Falcons K Matt Bryant played for the Buccaneers from 2005-08 and holds the Buccaneers all-time record for longest field goal made (62 yards). • Falcons OL Gabe Carimi spent the 2013 season with […]