How to watch BLURAY Movies on your MAC!

If anyone ever tries to sell you a Mac, with a BluRay player in it, and says “Its all Original” they are full of it! No Mac has ever been sold with a BluRay drive in it, Apple has never supported BluRay technology, probably because it has its own High Definition Movie Store in iTunes and Apple TV.  Even the argument of storage doesnt hold water, as iCloud has 50GB capability (the size of Max Dual  Layer BluRay) for .99 cents a month.

Still, it would be nice to have the option, for sports and RedBox rentals, education…there may not be a lot, but there is enough interest that you see some Mac Pros featuring aftermarket BluRay units.

So how to you get BluRay on your Mac, and how do you play BluRay disks?


You can get Internal and/Or External BluRay drives, you can even turn internals into externals. BluRay drives come in two main flavors: Players and Burners, the Burners are a little more expensive; you can find Internal 5.25″ Desktop BluRay players as low as 15.00 dollars on eBay, but usually more around the 25-30.00 Range. BR Burners go for around 60-90.00 dollars. Your only going to fit these in the Aluminum  Mac Pros, but there is another option: Turning a desktop Internal, into and external.

No, its not pretty, but if Function comes before Form for you,  a simple SATA to USB kit will do the trick; Alas, 15.00-20 dollar cable available from Radio Shack can be had for 2-5 dollars on eBay! Attach that to the back of a desktop internal BluRay player, and you have a BluRay playing Mac.





So you’ve got a laptop, or you have a desktop and you DO care about what your rig looks like!  So don’t go all nasty, you can get a bluray player that is meant for a Laptop or as you know, the internal laptop type optical drive is the same optical drive in any  Mac except a Mac Pro!  iMac, MacBook, MacBook pro, Mac Mini, you name it! Well these slim Optical drives you can turn this optical enclosure into an inexpensive but slick looking BluRay drive.     Of course you may be able to find a good deal on an already external BluRay player/Burner. Sometimes the remade ones can be better for a few reasons; they run cooler due to better fan control, the quality of the workmanship on the entire item rather than just the drive plus a cheap enclosure (not that these are cheap, but, some can be).

SOFTWARE-  Single biggest problem you will have is there has never been a BluRay player installed on a Mac from Apple. There is not a default BluRay playing system on any Mac OS, as there was never a drive for it! But if you already use that Orange street cone, you already know of a great Media player thats about to get better!!

VLC VideoLan project is an open source media player that came along at the perfect time. Ive been using VLC for over a decade, back in the day when you had to own many different media players for all the different kinds of media out there. You used Quicktime on a Mac, but you had to have all the codecs, and there were always some missing. Along comes VLC and its a media player that plays ALL OF YOUR MEDIA…every single kind! Has all the codecs too, so just having the player means you can watch in Quicktime, and if you had QT Pro, you could edit the video!

VLC has changed with the years, providing a 64 bit version when Mac was converting over, and the 64bit version provided the needed info to burn and rip DVDs with Handbrake. Err, to ahh, Burn and make copies of all of your own DVDs I mean, rather.   🙂

VLC Media plays BluRays, but you have to make some adjustments. You need to follow these instructions to the letter.  Ok lets watch some BluRay…

Here is the VLC V.2.2 Media Player Download right Here

Now Download these Files: (Nothing fancy, just click the link)



Ok now find these files, probably in your downloads….

Take the KEYS Database file (KEYDB.cfg) and put it in ~/Library/Preferences/aacs (create the folder if it doesnt exist)


Then the AACS Dynamic Library file (lilacs.dylib)  that needs to go in the VLC program itself, heres how…

Find the VLC program file in APPLICATIONS. Right click on it and choose “SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS” , then open the blue folder CONTENTS… then proceed to open the folder MAC OS. Inside there, look for the folder “lib” ; if it does not exist, right click and create new folder and name it lib, all lower case. However, it should be there.

Put the ‘libaacs.dylib‘ file in there.

Your done! Close everything, you should close VLC player if its open, and reopen it. Your BLURAY should play…if not recheck your steps, and make sure those folders have the correct files in them! Should only be 2 files!

You’ve now added BluRay capability, to your Mac!

We provide this service, just of a shout !



Tired of Aluminum Mac Pro Bluetooth Wobbly Mouse performance? We found the best fix…a CAT!

No no, before you call PETA on us, no animals were hurt in the making of this article ! But some may have been when you threw your Apple Bluetooth mouse across the room because it won’t give you good performance, wibbly wobbly, but without the Timey Wimey!
The problem is your Aluminum Apple Pro, otherwise known as the CheeseGrater! It was a bad design for bluetooth, they stuck the antenna inside this Faraday Cage of a computer, and while keyboard seem to not be a problem, Bluetooth performance for Mice is!

The symptom is a jerky mouse that won’t land where you want it.. its not all the time, it comes and goes. Apple made an attempt at a fix by putting out long ago to remove the BT antenna lead from bluetooth and use the #1 wire instead, which is a wifi antenna. But it doesnt do much good; situation hopeless?

No, thanks to the Cat Station Technologies… and their own invention, the Mac Pro BlueTooth Repair Kit!  It’s truly ingenious, hence the name of the eBay account, and this referral!

I bought one to give it a shot, and to offer to Mac Pro customers of ours who are having the same problem. For some people, the effect is not as pronounced as it is for others. Our Mac Pro we use is always opened because were constantly changing out drives, but even then there are times I have to grab the USB mouse and its a pain!
The system is quite simple, and doesnt require you be an Apple Certified Tech! The skill level is easy to intermediate, the hardest part is getting the antenna lead on to the BlueTooth card. If you’ve ever attached a wifi or BT card in the past, you’ll know what I mean.

Its a very small male protrusion and equally small female piece that as Alex at Cat Station Tech says in the guide, is best put on with care, lots of light, and a good fingernail.

The antenna that your going to put on in place of the stock one, goes to one of the PCI card slots in the back of the computer. It gives you a male threaded end, kind of like your cable wall outlets. You can either put the antenna on right here, OUTSIDE OF THE BOX unlike the apple Bluetooth antenna, or you can use the extender cable, and bring the antenna all the way to your desk where your mouse is for the really troubled ones!!

If you buy one of our Mac Pros, we can add this on for you as an option. Its definitely worth it as the best means to cure the Bluetooth hassles associated with Mac Pro Towers.

Make sure you tell Alex that Nick and Jane sent you! Your pets will thank you!!

What is 4K? 1080P? 480i? What is Progressive or DeInterlaced, and how does it affect YOU!

You may have heard these words may times over the past 20 years, as DVD players in the 90s started popping up with catch words like PROGRESSIVE and INTERLACED, then of course your HDTV and Cable Company repeated them, now with just an initial “i” or “p”!
“Now offering 720P  and this is 1080i….” so what does it all mean?
All video, Standard Video,
even HD digital is made up of horizontal lines that make up the picture.
How its presented makes all the difference.
Of course we know that video is made up of moving pictures, show to us in sequence at a certain speed, or frequency measured in Hertz or Frames Per Second (fps).
Our TV for decades has been 30 frames per second, where as most of our movies in theatre were shown at 24 fps.
But the picture doesn’t just appear, its introduced one line at a time, and how those lines are introduced makes all the difference in the world!
Interlaced , is when you get your picture in two steps, first you get all the odd lines, then all the even lines as it forms a picture. This is one full frame, then it goes to the next frame, all odd, all even.  Repeat, Lather, Rinse.
This is what most of our TV is here in America, 1080i, or interlaced. Some stations instead broadcast 720P or Progressive.
You remember when DVD players first hit the market, and you watched a movie on your TV with a DVD in your Progressive Scan DVD player, and it looked so good; so much better than a VCR.  The reason for that, was the “P” in DVD’s secret advantage; 480P image.
Progressive gives the entire picture, rows 1-480, or 720 or 1080, all  in order, filling the picture up each cycle, then going on to the next.
When you pause the video, on an interlaced feed, sometimes you’ll see a persons head disappear, or arm!! it was on the other frame!
good example of this below…
You don’t see any of this going on when your watching because your getting the pics 24, 29.9, 30, or even 60 frames per second.
With a Progressive image, your always seeing that full image, several times per second!!
But Of course old fashioned Tube TVs have one advantage,  they have all those lines in the screen, so watching older interlaced video just looks right on that screen. If you’ve got a home recording off the television from years ago, pre digital tv.. preferably on  a VCR shown on a TUBE TV, it will look like you just                                                  sat down to watch it all those years ago!!
A 4K image or video, is one that is 4 TIMES the size of a 1080 video. You can fit FOUR 1080 images into one 4k image. Look at the graph below which shows a comparison.
Its not 2x, ..well it is, 2x High and 2x wide, for total of 4x
A lot of people ask what is better, 1080i or 720P.  They are pretty much the same, in fact the 720 is a better quality.

HDMI, and why an HDMI CONVERTER may NOT be for you.

HDMI has been around a long time in the HD TV industry, and even with computers its been a favorite for sometime. Its a one size fits all cable, and audio comes along for the ride.

Thats the reason why it MAY not be for you, especially if you have to use an adapter on one end of the other.

Lets say you have a computer with a DVI-D output. You buy a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, and you plug the other end into your monitor or TV. You turn it all on and OOOPS…no sound!

Wait, HDMI has sound right? thats because while the HDMI cable is CAPABLE of transmitting the sound, the DVI-D is NOT an audio port, its VIDEO ONLY!

In a set up like this, you will need to run the audio cables to listen to sound; either analog cables coming from the headphones jack, or digital audio cable like a  TOSLINK, or look into a DVI & Audio to HDMI conversion box like this one below.


Adding Ram to 2015 Retina 5K 27″ iMac

Rated SE for Super Easy

Before we begin, a quick word for the creator of this,

The procedure is simple enough, you want to depress the button to eject the cover. Once the cover is off, you push outwards on the grey tabs, then pull the tabs out to expose all 4 slots. Like all Ram modules, there are slots that prevent you from putting them in backwards. When you are pushing in a ram; Make sure you feel the slight snap in place of the ram module. MacSale


How to Install Up to 64GB of OWC Memory Into a Late 2015 5K iMac from on Vimeo.

Why iMac? No reason..if you have a 7 foot long desk thats 5 feet deep!

SPACE! The final….no, you thought I was going to say frontier! I was going to, its the inner TREK in me. But instead lets say…the final  square inch. Because thats what putting a Windows PC on your desk does..when compared to the small footprint of an iMac…even a 27″!

Lets take a look..  on the right, a Dell 23″ Monitor, a Dell “MINI” case houses the computer, and with the included full  sized wired Keyboard and Mouse. All together that is taking up 5 square feet of real estate on that desk. Look at the Monitor landing pad!

Then on the left, a 27″ iMac, with its 27″ monitor, bigger than the DELL, the mini bluetooth wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse. The mouse does several things the PC mouse cannot do, the Keyboard, while giving you full number keys on the right, few people use those. If you do, they’re available as an extension. The Magic trackpad not pictured is an option too.

Sure your going to pay a lot more for the computer on the left, the Dell will save you money, but not      SPACE! The FINAL..square foot on your desk, should be YOURs, not your Dell’s


 27″ 5K Retina Pre-owned

An even better 27″ iMac pre-owned with 3.5GHz Quad Core and Fusion Drive!

Remember, we custom any Mac, Any time, any specs, we can get it!

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