5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is now an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether clothing, furniture or electrical appliances – there is almost no product that you cannot order from the comfort of your couch. But be careful: In order to increase your security on the Internet, you should pay attention to a few things. With these ten tips, your next virtual shopping experience will also be a complete success.

1. Pay attention to seals of approval and certificates

The variety of providers on the online market seems endless. Just as large as the selection is the danger of being taken in by so-called fake shops. A few clicks and your money are gone forever. Seals of quality from independent testing bodies such as Trusted Shops, TÜV Süd, Internet Privacy Standards or Verified Online Shop refer you to online shops where you can order safely and risk-free.

But beware: Some fake shops are now almost perfectly at home in forging the seals of quality mentioned. If you want to be on the safe side, visit the website of the test seal shown and enter the shop there in the search. This is how you can find out whether it is really a trustworthy provider.

2. Check the return policy

Before you order something, you should always find out in advance how the return works, what the deadlines are, and who bears the costs. Because not every online shop pays the costs for the return shipment. Even if you return the goods without giving a reason, the online shop can charge fees.

3. Beware of bargain prices

An offer sounds too good to be true? If the asking price is well below the market value, you should be suspicious, because supposed mega bargains are often used as bait by fake shops or leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. Rather rely on realistic prices from trusted shops. They also offer you attractive promotions or discounts with which you can save without any risk. You can find a large selection of great vouchers at the TEO partners, for example.

4. Use secure passwords

One of the simplest but most effective ways to protect yourself from cyber attacks is good password protection. The following applies: Your passwords should consist of at least eight characters, contain letters, numbers, and special characters, and have no direct personal connection to you. Also, refrain from using the same password for different shops, because then hackers have an easy time. A password manager like the free software KeePass can help you keep track of the password jumble.

5. Pay by credit card

Depending on the online shop, you will be offered different payment options. You can pay quickly, easily, and securely with your credit card. If you have problems with an order, you can easily cancel wrongly debited amounts or reverse your booking yourself.

Tip: If you regularly order online and use different accounts and credit cards, TEO can help you keep track. With the savings boxes and the lifestyle area, your finance app offers you many other useful functions for online shopping.


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