A credit card in UAE on a 5000 salary is not a problem Now 

credit card in UAE on a 5000 salary

When we talk about the various best financial products in UAE, the credit card is the first name that comes to mind. These small cards are the best thing in today’s world and are also known as the evolution in the world of finance. These cards perform several types of functions with evolutionary financial assistance services. People are now more dependent on credit card because they know how beneficial these small cards are. These are like wallets that can be used for any kind of purchase inside or outside the home.  

Yes, it will not help you out only outside the home in various shops and banks. But you can also take the advantage of these cards at home by paying online bills, doing online shopping, and much more home base things. There are some extra privileges also connected with such credit cards and when someone uses this card at home or somewhere outside the home. So, it will provide rewards, deals, offers, vouchers, discounts, etc. Even you can also get various cashback offers with these little cards. This study is based on the specifications of credit card and the criteria attached to them. 

A credit card in UAE on 5000 salary  

Most people raise the question that how they can receive a credit card facility with a minimum salary range of 5000. So, the answer is yes, you can now easily get your credit card in UAE on 5000 salary. There are lots of varieties in credit cards and every card consists of many different features and can give you lots of unique rewards and gifts. Therefore, the salary range will be also different for different credit cards. Some simple type of credit cards will be available with a 5000 salary range but some are high-level cards. All those high-level cards will be accessible in the range of 10000, 15000, 20000, etc. So, it all depends on the credit card, that what kind of card you would like to obtain. You will also attain free movie tickets and cashback offers on dining. Traveling assistance will be also there to make your journey more comfortable.  

Qualities of credit cards in UAE  

  • Portable  

The major benefit of such a card is its portability, you can easily take a card with you wherever you want. Doesn’t matter, in which emirate of UAE you are living right now. This card will facilitate you everywhere in UAE. Take it along with you in the shopping malls of UAE or use it inside your house.  

  • Surprises 

Other benefits are the variety of surprises connected with the card. Normally, you will obtain lots of cashback offers in the range of UAE. Whenever you buy something from shopping malls, some specific brands will give you up to 5% cashback on your every purchase. All the cashback is just because of this credit card in UAE on 5000 salary. Similarly, online shopping can be also beneficial and can give you discounts on various deals. Even when you book Uber ride, you will get a discount on rides also. Buy 1 get 1 offer is also available with free vouchers.  


The major thing is your minimum salary which will be 5000 AED. Your age requirement is also a must thing, which will be up to 18 years minimum. The credit history will be mandatory also with the evidence of your salary. Prepare yourself with the original ID of the emirate and if you are a foreigner, so your visa and passport will play a significant role. 


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