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Go Pro Black Friday Deals

The GoPro Hero 10 is in a league of its own when compared to other action cameras. It is imperative that we locate the highest quality Go Pro Hero 10 accessories if we are going to get the most out of this high-grade photography and filmmaking equipment.

These GoPro Hero 10 accessories may be useful to you if you are an action filmmaker or still photographer, and you can easily acquire them during the Go Pro Black Friday Deals.

The Newer OctoPad Universal Stability Mount is an excellent accessory to add to the protective casing of your GoPro camera.

– A Go Pro camera that has been modified so that it can float on water; an INKEE Falcon Plus gimbal stabilizer

– The HSU Tripod Adapter for the GoPro

You should also have a look at the multitude of instructive videos that can be found on the GoPro channel on YouTube. Their videos cover every aspect of utilizing a Go Pro camera for still photography as well as videography, and there is a lot of helpful advice on how to customize the best GoPro Hero 10 accessories to your personal shooting style and the requirements you have for them.

As you read this list, keep in mind that a good many of the items on it are compatible with action cameras other than the GoPro Hero 10 Black. By looking at the listing’s compatibility line, you may determine whether or not an attachment for the GoPro Hero 10 is compatible with the Go Pro camera that you already own.


It’s possible that you’re thinking about purchasing your very first action camera or upgrading to the GoPro Hero 10 model. Specs:

5.3K/60 and 4K/120 video.
23 MP RAW+JPEG still imaging.
Capabilities in conditions of extremely low light.
Stabilization that is extremely silky.
33-foot waterproof.
A subscription to GoPro that is connected to the cloud.

Let’s have a look at the best GoPro Hero 10 accessories now that we’ve established that this camera is indeed functional so that we can make the most of its possibilities.
If you have the skills and the vision, you can capture compelling footage with your Go Pro Hero 10, but you will need those things. Attachments like this for the GoPro Hero 10 can streamline or improve the recording process.


Even though the camera can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 10 meters (33 feet), the majority of recreational and professional divers travel much deeper than that. Although it can be submerged to a depth of 60 meters (196 feet), the GoPro Protective Housing maintains full access to the camera’s controls and settings regardless of the depth to which it is submerged.

The same holds true for extreme sports that are performed above water, such as mountain biking, motocross, snow skiing, skydiving, and paragliding, all of which require the use of a protective shelter. No matter the sport you play, having this additional protection against mud and falls is a must-have.


Excellent attachments for the GoPro Hero 10 include the OctoPad Universal Stability Mounts. It is a weighted disc that has a 1/4-20 screw on top and can hold a camera directly, but the majority of people use the ball head that comes with it or an extension arm instead. Please refer to my previous listing for an adapter for a GoPro tripod.

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One of the best aspects of the Octopad mount is the non-slip pad that comes attached to it. This enables you to install your action came on any surface, including one that is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.
Many individuals utilize their GoPros to record vlogs as a result of the 5.3K video resolution. When it comes to producing visually appealing and engaging material. Having the freedom to put the camera wherever you want is a huge asset. Use two or three OctoPads to connect an external video light or directional microphone in order to create videos that have a more professional appearance.


Neewer is typically where I find video gear, including attachments for the GoPro Hero 10 camera.

An added benefit is the reasonable cost of everything. The Neewer 50-in-1 Accessory Kit includes a handlebar mount, a selfie stick, a floating handle, and a variety of additional GoPro Hero 10 attachments. It also includes a head strap, a chest strap, and wrist straps.


You’ll probably use your GoPro for more than just recording action footage, just like I do. GoPros are perfect for use as B-Roll cameras for longer films due to their 5.5K and 4K recording capabilities.

It is anticipated that the Go Pro Media Mod, which comes equipped with a directional mic, two cold shoes for mounting videography gear, a 3.5mm mic connector, and an HDMI output, will be a widely used attachment for the GoPro Hero 10 at these stations.


The GoPro Floaty is an essential accessory to have if you intend to use your GoPro Hero 10 accessories in the water but will not be diving with it. It will provide additional padding for your camera, in addition to being buoyant and neon orange.


Utilizing a motorized gimbal is typically all that is required to easily smooth out motion sequences that involve handheld motion. The INKEE Falcon plus Gimbal Stabilizer is portable, battery-operated, and rechargeable. It can be used with the Media Mod, and it features gimbal stabilization. It is not only a great choice for GoPro Hero accessories that will make your vlogging experience better. But it is also quick enough to be used during sporting events.


The GoPro mounting mechanism is utilized by the vast majority of Go Pro Hero 10 stability accessories. If you want to attach your GoPro camera to a tripod or monopod. The HSU GoPro Tripod Adapter is an ideal choice.

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I go for brightly colored metal ones so that I can find them quickly if I drop them. In passing, please note that the Octopod necessitates this.


If you already own a GoPro Hero 10, which additional accessories do you consider to be absolute must-haves? Send us an e-mail, write on our wall on Facebook, or share your thoughts in our discussion thread!


When the central processing unit (CPU) is faster, practically everything else goes faster. In order to achieve the best possible results, slow motion demands more frequent video frames. Tone mapping is a technique that can be utilized to improve one’s ability to see the nuances of a video. Enhanced ability to muffle sounds in the background. Clarity gains have been made to the image. 5.3K video stills. Cap for the lens that is waterproof The editing capabilities of Quick have been improved.


Exhausted despite recent improvements, it is still not possible to edit 5.3K video on any device other than the most expensive smartphones.

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How to save money fast: 17 tips for growing your savings



17 tips for growing your savings

You will be able to attain your savings goals with the help of these 17 quick money-saving techniques. Budgeting and saving can appear difficult, but a clear objective can help you stay calm. 

17 tips for growing your savings


  1. Terminate pointless memberships and subscriptions

To efficiently save money through Money tin, cancel any unneeded memberships. Maybe you signed up for a new streaming service during the free trial but still need to cancel your subscription. You may no longer use your gym membership, which is another possibility.


  1. Use an app to automate your savings

If you frequently need to remember to put money into your savings account or find it difficult to figure out how much to set aside, think about using an app that does the work.


  1. If you have a consistent paycheck, set up automated payments for your expenses.

We are busy. It’s far too simple to forget to make timely payments on our bills. Paying your payments on time is one simple approach to saving money, provided you have the means to do so.


  1. Change banks

Account fees are a huge source of income for banks. Paying monthly fees is simple to avoid, especially at online banks. According to Bank rate’s 2021 study on checking accounts and ATM fees, nearly half (48%) of checking accounts that don’t pay interest are free. 

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  1. Start a quick certificate of deposit (CD)

You can earn more interest on a one-year CD than on a savings account. Additionally, the yield on a CD is often fixed, so as long as you maintain your money in the CD for the whole period, you’re guaranteed to earn the APY.


  1. Enroll in loyalty and rewards programs.

Register for discount cards at the grocery stores and pharmacies in your area. Regularly participating in these programs can earn rewards for upcoming purchases or make cash-back savings.

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  1. Use cash or set a card limit while making purchases.

Using cash rather than a credit card to make a purchase will deceive your brain into thinking you are saving money each time you visit the store. Your spending cap is whichever money you have available.


  1. Cease purchasing convenience.

Although paying for convenience can save you time, it can also be expensive. Your bank account can expand if you spend a little additional time each day making your coffee or cleaning and maintaining your home.


  1. Gain rewards for your transactions in cash

You’ll still need to spend money on necessities even in hard times, so getting paid back in cash makes sense. 


  1. Reconsider your ongoing expenses

To save money, consider your streaming, cable, and satellite choices. After a few years, you can find a better offer.


  1. Search for discounts and coupons

A significant difference can be made by using coupons in advance and looking around for bargains. You can find a fantastic deal and save money by checking online and in-store flyers. 


  1. Market undesirable goods

Get quick cash by selling items you don’t need. Search your closet, attic, garage or storage space to find the dress, ring, or hiking boots you no longer wear.

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  1. Reconsider your housing expenses

Rent or mortgage payments are among the biggest expenses in most budgets. You can start saving immediately by relocating to a location with a lower rent. 


  1. Compare insurance quotes

You can find better insurance rates by shopping around. Sometimes you can switch insurers for a better price or ask your current insurer to lower your rate if it has increased. 


  1. Arrange for a split deposit

Automatic saving is a fantastic way to save money. Get a portion of your pay directly transferred into a savings account. Or your bank can set up automatic transfers from checking to savings.


  1. Upgrade a credit card without an annual charge

An annual fee credit card might occasionally offer substantial advantages. However, if the card stops offering these benefits or if you need to make the most of the benefits, paying the annual fee might not be worthwhile. 

  1. Prepare your food

Food may cost a significant portion of your budget. Make your upcoming meals in advance and plan up your grocery list.


One smart way to manage your money and, ideally, keep more of it is to stick to a budget, which involves setting goals for your spending.

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Auto Transport Service in Australia – Here is What You Shouldn’t Miss!



Auto Transport Service in Australia with P&S Logistics

Auto Transport Service is a basic need these days. We are aware that it can be challenging to find a reliable car transport company. Usually, when you initially start looking for a vehicle shipping company, you have a lot of questions. This process could be difficult because there are so many car transfer businesses.

Interstate Auto Transport Service in Australia

Car transport is made easier by Interstate Auto Transport Service in Australia. They help you pick up and transport your car where you want it to be. It is the most affordable method of interstate auto shipping.

Advantages of an Auto Transport Service

You can send your car to any state. if you must travel to several locations. It is crucial to choose a trustworthy auto-shipping business. A good choice for transporting your car is to use car shipping services. The following are the advantages of working with a car moving company:

  1. Save Money!

Rather than driving the car yourself, you can save money by using a car transfer service. As a result, you pay less for lodging, food, and transportation. Additionally, it reduces the desire to put off duties and trips. In addition to financial benefits, your car is less likely to sustain damage.

It is logical for a variety of reasons. It is suggested that you utilize a vehicle transportation service rather than driving the automobile yourself to your location.

The benefits of employing specialists will be covered in this blog. to move your car across long distances. The following are some advantages of working with an established vehicle transport business.

  1. Fuel prices fall

Private car transportation is highly expensive in Australia because of the situation of the gasoline sector right now. It’s one thing to pay for the gas every day, but not if you drive more than a few hundred kilometers. This price can be really upsetting.

Make sure everything is in order before deciding to go it alone. because moving your car can be less expensive than giving it gas and driving it.

  1. Reliable and Professional Movers

Find a dependable auto transport business. The drivers ought to be well experienced. Your vehicle will be delivered in good condition, giving you peace of mind. To deliver your car to you on schedule and in good condition, professionals utilize the right transporters. It enables time and energy savings. You have more time to focus on other important chores as a result.

You should only trust reputable auto movers for car shipping. Car shipping is done by P&S Logistics. They pick drivers who have knowledge, skills, and experience. They utilize the best available carriers.

  1. Dependability and Credibility

The car shipping service offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to each client’s unique demands. When it comes to quality, they do not cut corners. For tuning, oil changes, and other necessary maintenance while traveling a long distance, you must leave your automobile with a mechanic. It will incur additional fees.

You won’t need to worry about it if you use a car mover to send your vehicle. An Australian auto transport company called P&S Logistics handles this for you. They provide reliable services. Customers of theirs have confidence in us.

  1. Rewards of Hiring Moving Services: Keep Saving Money!

It could be expensive to travel across the nation. Your budget can be destroyed. Gas, food, and housing are your responsibility. Lastly, you might discover that you are spending more money.

The cost of shipping an automobile is not as high as you may imagine. It is the choice that is most economical. But there are many different reasons why the cost differs. Transport costs are affected by the time of year, travel distance, vehicle size, and location. The better and more economical choice is to use an auto transporter.

Avoiding a long-distance road journey can save you time and effort. Hiring P&S logistics to transport your car is a solution to this issue. They try their best to move your car as swiftly and safely as they can.

  1. Discounts and Special Offers

Shipping firms may provide discounts on unique events. Another advantage to consider is that most car transportation Melbourne businesses provide lesser rates. Particularly during off-peak seasons, shipping your car might save you a lot of money and time.

The vehicle moving process is straightforward from beginning to end. You won’t have to deal with any of the inconveniences associated with driving, such as traffic jams and a need for frequent rest stops. The driver will approach you immediately if the weather permits.

Your vehicle will arrive at its destination promptly and safely. You’ve already had the difficult work done for you. If you’re moving a few states away or across the country, car shipping is your best bet.

  1. Make the most of the time you have!

Do you have a busy schedule that makes it impossible for you to transport your car? A few days to a week can pass when driving cross-country. Depending on the distance, the trip could take several hours.

Car shipment is, therefore, your best choice. Always hire the Car Hauling Services of a reliable Australian auto shipping business. You’ll have more time to concentrate on your other everyday duties. P&S Logistics will deliver your car once it is ready. By doing this, you can save time. During this time, you can finish other crucial chores.

  1. Speed up the transfer of several automobiles.

Multiple automobiles can be transported simultaneously thanks to Logistics. This benefit is accessible if you are a dealer or need to send multiple autos at once. You might have several cars. A fantastic strategy to save money and have a nice family vacation in such circumstances is to ship all the household cars at once.

From their quick, simple quotes to their extensive network of Australian connections, you get the best when you choose them. They simplify and ease the process of long-distance car transfer. Moving your car across state boundaries is made easier by them!

  1. Door-To-Door Service

Your products can be picked up and delivered by Car Logistics Services from your home or place of business. If you need your automobile delivered to your door and you’re busy, this is a perfect alternative. If you select this option, the truck driver will deliver and pick up your vehicle from your home (unless there are obstacles that do not allow the driver to park just outside of your home).

  1. Abstain from needless worry!

Driving long distances can raise your accident risk. Hire a seasoned car transport company to move your automobile. Your health and well-being can be maintained by working with a qualified auto transporter.

It can be highly stressful to drive your car to a new location like Darwin. The best course of action is to contract with a car shipping business to handle this for you. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for a long trip if you plan to drive to your destination.

Other unforeseen travel problems can also arise. Logistics handles every little thing. They assist in getting your car to its destination. Consequently, you won’t need to stress over organizing a road trip. You can select enclosed shipping to increase security. Your car will be shielded from road debris as well.

Auto Transport Service with P&S Logistics

Use car transport services for your vehicle shipping. If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with P&S Logistics. You can always get assistance from their professionals. They work as hard as they can to deliver your car on schedule and damage-free. Contact now to get their Auto Transport Service.

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iPhone 14 Pro Case with Screen Protector



iPhone 14 Pro

MagSafe  Case 14 Pro Max :

With integrated magnets that properly line with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, this case provides faster wireless charging every time as well as a wonderful attach experience. Simply leave the case on your iPhone when it’s time to charge and attach your Mag Safe charger or place it on your Qi-approved charger. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with Mag Safe is definitely worth the money if fancy frills aren’t important to you. It won’t flit out of your hands, it shields the camera nicely, and its shock-absorbent construction makes it a terrific option for daily use.

As you can see, a Mag Safe charger is worthwhile. You get stable and safe charging in addition to quick charging. Mag Safe chargers are simple to store and transport.

Keeot 15% Off  iPhone 14 Pro Max Case in Christmas:

keeot 15% off in iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case and iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case in Christmas. These iPhone Case Covers were thought to be the best available from Apple just a few years ago. A transparent cover for the iPhone 14 Pro is what Apple is currently trying to sell you. But given the price cuts offered on the market for used goods, we still think that these three iPhones are the greatest Christmas offers to take advantage of this year for the iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case. The iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case is identical to the iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case in terms of appearance and feel. Since the iPhone 14 was released in 2022, it is one year fresher. However, there haven’t been any significant changes to either the processor or camera since the iPhone 14.

 iPhone 14 Pro Max silicone Case:

Otter Box gained notoriety for their incredibly durable Defender series cases, but nowadays most users choose something more lightweight. I enjoy the Symmetry Series Plus cases since they have Mag Safe and come in a variety of colors, including the new Euphoria color. It’s crucial that the Symmetry Plus Pop case supports wireless charging and has a Pop Sockets Pop Grip. On its website, Otter Box provides a discount for first-time customers. For the many iPhone 14 models, Case-Mate offers some striking cases, but my favorite is the squarish Blox case. It is affordable, offers a variety of color choices, supports MagSafe, and has strong corner protection. It’s worth looking at the other colors, such as rainbow frosting, in addition to the clear variant, which I’m showcasing on a deep purple iPhone 14 Pro. To get more information like this topics, stay with the od ideas 

For the iPhone 14 Pro Max clear cases:

Speck has moved over many of its iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear case Cover designs, including the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear Grips, as well as the Presidio2 Pro, to the iPhone 14. While the Candy shell Pro case from Speck is still the least costly at approximately but does not have Mag Safe, cases with built-in Mag Safe cost about $50. All of the new versions share Speck’s Microban antibacterial protection and good drop protection (13 to 16 feet, depending on the model). Whatever model you decide on, Speck regularly gives new clients a discount.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lens Camera:

Important camera specs: Primary: Dual Pixel AF, second generation sensor-shift OIS, 24 mm equivalent f/1.78-aperture lens, 48MP sensor Wide-angle: Dual Pixel AF, 12MP sensor, 13mm equivalent, f/2.2 aperture lens. Telephoto: 12MP sensor, f/2.8 aperture, and optical image stabilization. For the many iPhone 14 Pro models, Case-Mate offers some striking cases, but my favorite is the squarish Blox case. It is affordable, offers a variety of color choices, supports MagSafe, and has strong corner protection. It’s worth looking at the other colors, such as rainbow frosting, in addition to the clear variant, which I’m showcasing on a deep purple iPhone 14 Pro.

Make sure you acquire the right case if you have purchased an iPhone 14 and are looking for a case because every new model has a unique case. The larger iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Pro models, which include the iPhone 14 Pro Max , have additional cameras that necessitate a wider notch on the back of your case. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max Lens Camera.


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