Bruce Weber Photographer – On New Trends of Photography

Photography Trends

After the sudden pause due to the recent pandemic, life has bloomed with its usual vigor. Everything has started to move in full force. A lot has gone through some noticeable transformations as well. Photography has been through some serious changes as well. A plethora of canceled events, social distancing, and small gatherings later, this industry has finally emerged with some new trends to look forward to. 2022 has already seen some amazing trends to capture the market. The photography community is clicking some mind-blowing pictures following the new trends.

Bruce Weber Photographer – Explains Photography & Its Trends

Eminent photographer Bruce Weber Photographer has taken time out of his hectic schedule to speak about the trends which keep the photography community overwhelmed. From silhouette photography to self-portraits, the lockdown has taught photographers a lot. Although a well-known fashion photographer, Bruce Weber is also passionate about capturing moments in vivid detail. Bruce has found that the trends have worked in the favor of the photography community.

Food Photography & Still Life Photos

Lockdown has taught the photography industry to capture images of simple things. This has given rise to food photography as food has been the easiest object to find around. In addition, still-life photography has gained popularity in the photography community because the best thing about still life is – one has the freedom to use anything one wants. Still-life photography has enabled photographers to focus on any aesthetic and capture its beauty in rich shades.

Family Photos

The lack of availability of people has led photographers to turn to people around them. Because self-portrait does not always draw attention, the photography community has chosen the next best object to click on – the family. Some have resorted to clicking photos with pets as well. The trend has been so well received that it has surpassed the lockdown period and continued to dominate in 2022. Clicking photos of family and pets do not seem likely to vanish anytime soon as people like to look at family photos.

Natural Beauty Highlights

Life has taught the world to appreciate beauty in its raw form. So, rather than polishing up for photo shoots, people have dared to display their raw and natural beauty on social media. The accentuation of realism has given photography a whole new world to explore. What could be more delightful than the ability to capture beauty in its raw and natural form? Authentic images have swept the world and seem like a steadfast trend that is likely to stay for a long time.

Bruce Weber Photographer welcomes the transformations with open arms. According to the veteran photographer, photography is all about finding art in everyday things. When one takes away the fancy names and words from photography, it all comes down to capturing life. So, lockdown, though has harshly hit many photographers, has taught a lot and dared the photography industry to explore the authentic side of life. Being away from the glare of glamor and flashlight has worked in the favor of the industry.


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