Construction Management: Differences Between Residential and Commercial

While every construction project will require multiple materials to meet the requirements, there are differences in the trends used in commercial and residential construction management. The average home uses timber frame construction as the material is said to be more cost-effective and is suited for smaller buildings. The above indicates that experts in residential construction are better at working with basic timber frames.

 But in commercial construction, the projects are larger and more complex, and steel frame construction is used there. This is because steel is more resilient and allows larger and taller buildings to live longer. In this guide, you will learn some differences between residential and commercial construction management. 


Differences Between Residential and Commercial Construction Management 

Some of the important differences between residential and commercial construction management are as follows:

  • The rules in commercial construction are considered more strict compared to residential construction 

Commercial buildings have strict regulations regarding materials, electrical systems, construction methods, plumbing, design, and size. Construction management professionals working on commercial projects must understand the specific federal and local building regulations used on commercial projects. 

Even residential buildings must follow specific building standards, but an argument can be made that they are more simple and easier to follow compared to commercial construction projects. With proper training, the experts in the construction industry are prepared for any scenario.

  • The costs are different between the two. 

Before you opt for a construction project, you must know more about residential construction management. One of those differences may seem obvious, but you may be surprised to hear that the cost difference between commercial and residential projects is a lot. 

There are various reasons behind them, one of them being material selection, while compliance maintenance and staff quality are other reasons. Commercial projects are also run on tighter schedules, and this is why the labor costs are increased to ensure project deliverables are properly met. 

  • Both residential and commercial projects need a different client approach. 

Experts who use their construction management skills to develop a residential project work directly with a single client. The residential clients can be quite demanding and look to micromanage each step of the project. In such cases, the expert must develop proper communication skills, and most of them have training in these cases.

Commercial projects are also demanding, but the experts will usually be working with various stakeholders under a company. In this case, the commutation level must be top-class and must be based on milestones, specifications, and metrics.  


Final Words 

You can read the article above to learn more about the differences between residential construction management and commercial construction management. If you require the help of residential construction services for your construction project, you must ensure to choose a reputed service that can help meet all your residential construction needs.



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