Custom book cover design

Many self-published authors underestimate the importance of a custom cover when they start writing and publishing. A well-designed custom cover is an important factor in how your book gets noticed. Not just a graphic designer will do this, you need an expert. To achieve your goals, you need a professional cover designer who really knows the business and gets you the results you want. There are many things to consider when graphic design Long Beach CA a cover image. Such as the audience you are trying to reach, the images you choose, the color scheme and the fonts you use.

Let’s start with the people you’re talking about.

Who are you trying to reach? There are many different people and jobs in the world. If you’re trying to reach people with ADHD who want nothing more than to manage their disorder and have fun, you need to reach this group of people. It is very important to first decide who you are going to sell your book to and then refine it.

Next, you should choose the right image type. An image that affects and evokes an emotional response. An image that your target audience can relate to and identify with. As you build relationships with people, you want people to feel the same way about your custom cover. So when they see the cover, it speaks to them and they think to themselves, “This book is mine.”

What about the color scheme of your book design?

Cover colors have a big impact on how buyers see your book. Do you want them to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed, or do you want them to be strong and full of energy and passion? Cover colors indicate what your book is about. Think about it, colors always create an emotional response. When you are on the beach surrounded by blue sea water and clear blue sky, you are relaxed and happy, but when you come to a red light or a red stop sign, it immediately attracts attention. stress or irritability.

Finally, you can think about the fonts you choose. Do you want your character to represent playfulness, fantasy, sci-fi, courage or just plain fun? The right script wraps everything else into a complete package that you communicate to your target audience.

So when looking for your next cover designer, choose wisely.

You don’t just want an illustrator to create your personalized book cover. You want someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who understands the mental and emotional impact of design. You want someone to understand how you want your book to be understood.

Remember to communicate well with whoever you want. In fact, clear communication with your illustrator is another key to a successful custom cover.

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