NOTE: Apologies for the lack of content lately, we are moving and it has been quite the experience. everything is packed including the computer, so iPad writing it is! will be back strong in 2015, like the BUCS!

Random thoughts on the BUCS.

You can call it tanking the game, but the Bucs did the right thing. They put in young guys, and while allowing

some of the backups to play, the team played hard and got the result…the top pick in the draft. No one follows the NO.2 team. All offseason, you’re going to hear about Tampa Bay, what will Tampa Bay do. In April/May all cameras will be on Tampa Bay. That kind of coverage is priceless. No one is going to care the Bucs lost every home game and every NFC South game. Just that much sweeter when it’s turned around.

Speaking of turned around, let’s face it, the Bucs defense has me excited going into 2015. Next year the Bucs won’t have to deal with 50 Burgers being placed on them, they will go into week one with an attitude and defensive prowess. The Bucs still need a few players on that side of the ball, but the youngsters on this team like McDonald, Mcdougald, Tandy, Jacquise Smith, Orie Lemon, and Danny Lansanah,  remind me of the youngsters on the 1996 team. This offseason should be all about the offense, with a little depth added to the defense. The Bucs need another edge rusher, safety, corner, and maybe even a Mike Linebacker, depending on how they feel about the current one, Mason Foster.

Bucs coaches need to be fired today. No…not Lovie! George Warhop, and Marcus Arroyo for starters, both need to go. No, it’s not Arroyo’s fault, but he was a Tedford guy and is probably bound for BC in Canada. With Mark Tressman expected to be fired soon by the Chicago Bears, perhaps even today, the Bucs need to pounce on him immediately. With Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, the Bucs could have quite the offense at some point next year.

Look at the teams in the Playoffs…. consistent at the coaching position…didn’t fire their coaches last year or the year before, and were rewarded for their patience.

Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, and the exception is Detroit, who had to make a choice after giving their coach several seasons to make a difference. I can assure you the Bears fans are not happy with the state of their franchise, and many would love to have Lovie back. Arizona is also with relatively new coaching staff, but you get the picture. Keep your coach, have stability, and you have a winning program.

First time ever, that the Bucs had two 1000-yard receivers, and considering how bad this offense was, that’s amazing! While the free agency was so so this year, the draft was a pretty good hit for the Bucs.


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