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Lawyers, academic tutors, yoga instructors, astrologers, and doctors were extremely affected by the pandemic. Soon they realized that offering online services helps them get back on their feet. That is when they started registering on multi-service platforms with online video consultation options. Through this feature, they can effortlessly offer online consultations to customers. Do you know of such an app that proffers video consultation features? If not, Gojek Clone App is what you need right now!

What is Online Video Consultation?

Online video consultation is the feature that allows professionals to provide consultancy on video calls. Moreover, the customers can book or schedule video consultations. In short, without visiting the service provider’s location, the customers can consult the professional and clear off any queries.

All your customers and providers need a smartphone and high-speed internet connection. Let’s explore more about this feature.

Components of Online Video Consultation

There are several components of video consultation features. However, for better clarity let’s bifurcate them into the user and service provider apps. Look at the following features:

Gojek Clone App – Service Provider

  • Choose the service you offer: the service providers can choose the video consultation service they want to offer from “manage other services.”
  • Quote price of your choice: After choosing the services, the providers can describe the consulting service and quote the desired price.

User App

  • Examine the profile: users can examine the provider’s profile. The factors they can look at while examining the profile are – experience, rating & review, and gallery.
  • Add special instructions: the customers can add special instructions on the app. For instance, a user is scheduling an online video consultation with a General Physician. Now, to help the doctor understand their health issue better, the user can provide t with additional information like – “I have a fever, and I am feeling shivers. Sometimes I feel very hot, and suddenly I get a fever.”
  • Auto debit from the credit card: after the job ends, the consultation fee is debited from the user’s linked credit card. It means customers need not worry about paying the service provider in cash.
  • Book now or later: the Gojek Clone App allows the customers to book an immediate video consultation with the doctor alongside the option of scheduling. The customers can choose a preferred date and time during scheduling the appointment.
  • Multiple credit card management: the users can add multiple credit cards to the app and while choosing the payment method, they can select the credit card they want to pay from.

Ensure That the Video Consultation Service Is Perfect

You must ensure that the video consultation service is on point. Therefore, you need to take an in-depth trial of the demo app. The demo app is similar to the working prototype you can access to understand the app’s workflow. However, ensure that the demo app trial is free!

You can see how the online video consultation service works through the free demo app trial. You can also try the different features of this service and determine customization needs.

The question is, “where can you find the demo app trial of a Gojek Clone App with online video consultation services?”

The answer is simple – find a white-labeling firm. Which app development company qualifies as the best white-labeling expert? A mobile app development company that offers the mentioned characteristics will qualify as the best white-labeling firm.

  • It has more than ten years of experience in the on-demand multi-service industry.
  • The firm has already launched more than 1200 pre-built apps.
  • It has hundreds of video testimonials of its clients on its website.
  • They agree to sign the NDA.
  • They accept the clone app script package payment in parts (Payment Milestones)

Final words:

In conclusion, the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App with online video consultation services allows the providers to offer consultancy services on video. Take the right decision today and start developing your digital platform.

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