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Gojek Clone App: Online Video Consultation Components



Gojek Clone

Lawyers, academic tutors, yoga instructors, astrologers, and doctors were extremely affected by the pandemic. Soon they realized that offering online services helps them get back on their feet. That is when they started registering on multi-service platforms with online video consultation options. Through this feature, they can effortlessly offer online consultations to customers. Do you know of such an app that proffers video consultation features? If not, Gojek Clone App is what you need right now!

What is Online Video Consultation?

Online video consultation is the feature that allows professionals to provide consultancy on video calls. Moreover, the customers can book or schedule video consultations. In short, without visiting the service provider’s location, the customers can consult the professional and clear off any queries.

All your customers and providers need a smartphone and high-speed internet connection. Let’s explore more about this feature.

Components of Online Video Consultation

There are several components of video consultation features. However, for better clarity let’s bifurcate them into the user and service provider apps. Look at the following features:

Gojek Clone App – Service Provider

  • Choose the service you offer: the service providers can choose the video consultation service they want to offer from “manage other services.”
  • Quote price of your choice: After choosing the services, the providers can describe the consulting service and quote the desired price.

User App

  • Examine the profile: users can examine the provider’s profile. The factors they can look at while examining the profile are – experience, rating & review, and gallery.
  • Add special instructions: the customers can add special instructions on the app. For instance, a user is scheduling an online video consultation with a General Physician. Now, to help the doctor understand their health issue better, the user can provide t with additional information like – “I have a fever, and I am feeling shivers. Sometimes I feel very hot, and suddenly I get a fever.”
  • Auto debit from the credit card: after the job ends, the consultation fee is debited from the user’s linked credit card. It means customers need not worry about paying the service provider in cash.
  • Book now or later: the Gojek Clone App allows the customers to book an immediate video consultation with the doctor alongside the option of scheduling. The customers can choose a preferred date and time during scheduling the appointment.
  • Multiple credit card management: the users can add multiple credit cards to the app and while choosing the payment method, they can select the credit card they want to pay from.

Ensure That the Video Consultation Service Is Perfect

You must ensure that the video consultation service is on point. Therefore, you need to take an in-depth trial of the demo app. The demo app is similar to the working prototype you can access to understand the app’s workflow. However, ensure that the demo app trial is free!

You can see how the online video consultation service works through the free demo app trial. You can also try the different features of this service and determine customization needs.

The question is, “where can you find the demo app trial of a Gojek Clone App with online video consultation services?”

The answer is simple – find a white-labeling firm. Which app development company qualifies as the best white-labeling expert? A mobile app development company that offers the mentioned characteristics will qualify as the best white-labeling firm.

  • It has more than ten years of experience in the on-demand multi-service industry.
  • The firm has already launched more than 1200 pre-built apps.
  • It has hundreds of video testimonials of its clients on its website.
  • They agree to sign the NDA.
  • They accept the clone app script package payment in parts (Payment Milestones)

Final words:

In conclusion, the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App with online video consultation services allows the providers to offer consultancy services on video. Take the right decision today and start developing your digital platform.

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What Forex Traders Should Know About Electronic Communication Network and How To Use It




Electronic Communication Network (ECN)

The Forex market or currency market is the largest liquid market in the world. Forex traders enter the market to capitalize on the fluctuating values ​​of different currencies. They do this by buying them when prices drop and then selling them when they peak to make a profit. Unlike the stock market, the forex market is not regulated by any exchange. Instead, trading occurs directly between the seller and the customer through a broker that operates over a network called the Electronic Communication Network.

The Electronic Communication Network (ECN) is widely considered to be the future of Forex markets worldwide. This is something that Forex traders, both newbies, and veterans, should be familiar with and comfortable with. Here you will find everything you need to know about ECN and how to use it.

What Is An ECN?

An electronic communication network, also known as an alternative trading system, is a computerized system that allows individual traders to connect with large-scale brokers and trade stocks and currencies. All directly without the need for any regulatory means such as a stock market. This allows people from various places in the world to exchange with each other without restrictions. Essentially, it brings buyers and sellers together and enables instant transactions regardless of the time or location of the participants. Trading through electronic communication networks is carried out through intermediaries. Brokers are essentially financial experts who help consolidate information about the market and help match clients with potential sellers. Liquidity providers connect forex traders directly with them

Advantages of Electronic Communications Networks

Trading through the Top Electronic Communication Network (ECN) brokers offers significant advantages. Here are some ways in which the use of ECN can be beneficial to you.


Trading over the electronic communications network offers complete anonymity. This is because while trading through the Electronic Communication Network, the participants do not interact with each other. Instead, they interact through a corridor that serves as a bridge between them. This ensures that participants remain completely anonymous. Unlike a Market Maker, where the participant interacts directly with the broker or the bank.

Instant Trading

Although trading through the Electronic Communication Network, the trading is done through a broker, the transaction is immediate and instant. The moment the deal is finalized, it is also confirmed. So, once they accept the final offer, there can be no new listings. The instant nature of the translation ensures that there is no change in the price of the asset you are investing in, thus preventing your request from being rejected.

No Conflict of Interest

The broker you use to trade through the Electronic Communication Network does not trade against you. They only serve as intermediaries between your buy and sell orders. Furthermore, the design of the system ensures that you earn money no matter if you win or lose money. As a consequence, the broker does not have any conflict of interest, which works in his favor.

Fair and Transparent Trade

A Market Maker can direct the flow of the market by setting prices. However, a broker simply acts as an intermediary and does not set prices. Consequently, the broker cannot manipulate prices. The broker displays prices from various official sources in real-time and gives you raw market spreads.

Trading after hours

ECN brokers also allow you to trade after the market closes. This offers the opportunity to respond appropriately to price fluctuations and take into account aftermarket news and analysis.

Variable Spread

While trading over electronic communication networks, traders are assured of full access to market prices through a broker. Brokers offer variable spreads and since there is continuous variation in the prices of different currencies, forex traders have the option to buy/sell when prices are suitable and profitable for them. Prices are not controlled by the broker here. These, of course, depend on the stability, demand, supply, and other parameters of the market.

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ERP Solution for Textile




ERP Solution for Textile

An ERP solution for Textile enables a company to better manage inventory and production processes. Its capacity planning feature helps identify and fix bottlenecks on the shop floor. It also helps to maintain planning schedules for defined periods. It also offers batch master features, which enable a company to move batches between warehouses and maintain manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and other details. Moreover, it allows companies to scan barcodes and maintain records of batches.


Textile ERP software helps companies manage all processes in the manufacturing process. This includes raw materials, packaging, technological processes, and customer orders. By automating these processes, textile companies can ensure flawless operations. A 1Ci ERP solution will streamline all of these processes, ensuring that they are always up to date and fully compliant.

1Ci solutions streamline every part of the manufacturing process, including inventory management, real-time monitoring, and quality control. It also optimizes scheduling and resource allocation for optimal performance. It also supports compliance with government and international standards. It helps businesses reduce costs and identify bottlenecks in the production process, improve data tracking and management, and maintain business-critical data.


If your business is in the textile industry, an ERP solution will help you optimize and automate your processes. It will enable you to manage orders, sales, and inventory. It will also allow you to exchange data with counterparts and integrate with Industry 4.0 devices. These benefits make 1C:ERP an ideal fit for textile and apparel businesses.

A 1Ci ERP solution for textiles will handle all the production processes from sourcing to production. It is also flexible enough to handle seasonal apparel collections and make-to-order orders. Moreover, it comes with more than 100 built-in reports. In addition to this, it allows you to customize data analysis tools. These tools will help you analyze your business processes, and even organize your favorite reports on an overview dashboard.

TIM Textile Integrated Manufacturing

TIM (Textile Integrated Manufacturing) is a process for optimizing manufacturing operations. This process involves integrating all aspects of the production process, including sales, quality management, inventory, purchasing, and costing. The process can reduce waste, increase profitability, and improve customer service. Datatex’s TIM solution can help textile manufacturers manage their manufacturing operations with ease.

It is a PC-based module that integrates inventory and production systems. It also provides methods for identifying fabric defects. Data is directly inputted into the TIM database and integrated PC network, making it instantly available for allocation and reporting. The system uses an encoder to measure fabric and a PC screen at each inspection table to produce defect reports.

TIM offers a flexible platform that can be configured according to the specific needs of a textile manufacturer. Datatex’s expertise in textile software and hardware solutions has enabled it to be a leading provider of TIM solutions. The collaboration between these two companies has helped TIM achieve global recognition.

Tranquil ERP

If you’re in the textile business, you probably know how critical it is to run an efficient production process. Textile ERP software streamlines the processes for businesses by centralizing all of the information for every department. The software also makes collaboration and you can Navigate to the Closest Grocery Store interdepartmental communication a breeze. Plus, it can keep your production processes in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Textile ERP offers many benefits to textile companies, including improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can help you cut down the time it takes to respond to orders, complaints, and other customer inquiries. It also automatically manages your inventory, and allows you to keep track of batches and their origins. This can lead to a more organized production and distribution process, resulting in a higher level of efficiency.


With the right ERP solution, you can reduce manual processes and increase your efficiency. It can automate data-based functions and use a single database to streamline all aspects of your business. This will cut down on operational errors and improve the quality of your products. You can implement it quickly and scale it to fit your growing company. In addition, it’s portable and user-friendly, so you can access it anywhere.

A textile ERP solution can improve the efficiency of the entire production process, from order fulfillment to inventory management. The application can also help you improve customer loyalty and manage your financial transactions. Deskera’s integrated and fully-customizable software solution makes it easy for you to implement and manage your business.

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How to Pair Hearing Aids to Iphone




Hearing loss affects everyone differently. For instance, some people may not even notice their loss until they reach a certain age.

Others might only begin noticing it once they are older than 50. However, there are a number of things that you can do if you suspect that your ears are losing their ability to hear properly.

If you are looking for the best way to improve the sound quality on your iPhone, you should know that there are several options available to you.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to go with a wireless headset, Bluetooth headphones, or a traditional set of earbuds.

Wireless headsets are similar to Bluetooth speakers in terms of size and design. They usually come with built-in microphones, so you can talk to others without having to hold your phone directly against your head.

Wireless headsets typically have adjustable volume controls, making them ideal for listening to music while you are walking around the house or out shopping.

How to Pair Hearing Aids to Iphone

How Do You Put a Hearing Aid in Pairing Mode

Hearing loss is a problem that affects millions of Americans. If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you might be interested in learning how to pair your hearing aids.

Pairing can help you communicate better by allowing you to use both devices at once. Here are some tips on how to get started.

You should always try to keep track of the batteries in your hearing aids so that you can easily replace them when necessary. You don’t want to lose one because you didn’t know you were low.

When you first receive your new hearing aids, make sure that they are properly paired. To do this, you’ll need to look for the little switch on each device. When the two switches touch, you’re ready to go.

If you feel like you can’t understand what someone is saying, you may find that it helps to turn up the volume. This will allow you to hear more clearly. Here is Guide about Best hearing aids 2021 consumer reports

The best way to ensure that you don’t damage your hearing aids is to avoid touching them. It’s also important to wear earplugs when you are using headphones.

As mentioned above, you can learn all about pairing your hearing aids by reading our article on this topic. We hope that these tips will help you figure out how to pair your hearing aids correctly.

Why Is My Hearing Aid Not Connecting to Bluetooth

There are two main reasons why your hearing aid might be unable to connect with your smartphone. The first thing that you need to know is that there’s no such thing as an ideal pair of hearing aids.

There are different models, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, some hearing aids are more sensitive than others, while other devices offer a better range of sound frequencies.

If you’re looking to buy new hearing aids, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right model. You should also consider how much money you’d like to spend on the device.

Your second problem may be caused by a bad connection between your phone and your hearing aid.

If this is true, then you will need to check whether or not your hearing aid is plugged into the correct jack on your phone. This is especially important if you’ve recently upgraded your mobile operating system.

You can use the button below to find out what kind of hearing aid you are using. Then, you will need to look up instructions for pairing your hearing aid with your smartphone.

How Do You Reset a Hearing Aid

You should know that your hearing is very important. If you’re having trouble understanding conversations, then you might want to consider buying a new pair of hearing aids.

If you have hearing aids, you’ll need to make sure that you keep them clean. This means that you shouldn’t let the batteries run down, and you should always be careful when handling the devices.

Another thing to note is that you can buy replacement batteries for hearing aids. You just need to find the right type. The best way to do this is to look online for information about how to change the battery.

Finally, you can also use a hearing aid cleaning kit. These kits are designed to help you maintain the health of your device.

You should also take care to avoid damaging your hearing aids. For example, you don’t want to drop the devices, or you may end up with cracked screens and other problems.

So what happens when you damage your hearing aids? Well, it’s possible that they won’t work at all. So, if you’re having any difficulties, then you should definitely get a second opinion.

How Do I Reconnect My Hearing Aid to My Phone

There is no doubt that you have heard of the term “hearing loss.” This means that your ability to listen to others talk has been affected. If you want to learn more about how to pair hearing aids with phones, keep reading below.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure that you can connect your hearing aids to your cellphones, you should know that you can actually do this easily. All you need to do is follow these steps.

First, you will need to turn off the ringer on your cellphone. Then, you’ll need to take the battery out of your hearing aids. Finally, you will plug the battery into the charger port of your mobile device.

Once all three parts are connected correctly, you should be able to use your hearing devices again.

You can also look for hearing aids that come with a remote control. These hearing aids allow you to adjust the volume on the phone without having to hold it up close to your ear.

This is one of the best ways to get around the problem of not being able to hear when using a smartphone. Here is


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