Learn About The Advantages Of Connecting Your Online Store With A Business Management System

Connect online store

To sell online, entrepreneurs can invest in the development of their own eCommerce, or start by opening an account in a marketplace such as Mercado Libre or Claro Shop —which includes “ready-to-use” payment and shipping solutions—. In any case, as sales grow, it is important to acquire new management tools. Today we want to tell you about the advantages of incorporating a Business Administration System.

Let’s first explain what this tool is about: every company, regardless of its size or business, generates a buying-selling cycle with various stages, operations, and actors; for example, customers and suppliers. To ensure order in the numbers, it is necessary to keep track of and record each movement that takes place in the business: from the purchase of supplies to the collection of invoices or communication with each client.

To achieve this, the solution lies in operational digitization through a software platform that automatically records and processes information; and that through the generation of reports allows to boost sales.

What kind of online sales companies can use a business management system?

Anyone who offers their products through a digital platform, who is registered with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and who needs to put their operation in the order, such as those who sell:

  • groceries
  • cleaning articles
  • gourmet food and drinks
  • clothing and footwear
  • fashion accessories
  • beauty products and cosmetics
  • stationery and office supplies
  • books
  • furniture
  • hardware and tlapalería
  • auto parts
  • containers and packaging items

Of course, such a tool is not essential when the business is still small, because it might offer more features than you really need. But it is important to take into account its advantages from the beginning to know which e-commerce platforms it is compatible with and implement it on time.

If you don’t have it – when the volume of online sales is considerable – you can lose important information, record erroneous data, make bad decisions (such as buying merchandise without data on inventory status), and, in the end, lose money. . These are avoidable mistakes with a connection to a business management system.

Let’s see, now, its advantages.

NO 1:

It handles a very large volume of information automatically. There is no longer any need to work with Excel or worry about the disparity of information contained in the files of different departments, such as Sales and Accounting.

NO 2:

It issues invoices and allows you to receive notifications of CFDI pending or to be stamped. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate electronic billing service.

NO 3:

Manage inventory. The best systems of this type available in Mexico allow the warehouse to connect with the main marketplaces, such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, and Claro Shop.

NO 4:

Maintains relationships with the entire supply chain. This type of platform helps companies promote healthy relationships with their merchandise suppliers by keeping a record of actions and interactions with each one.

NO 5:

Establish roles and permissions to protect business information. This is very important when there are multiple users who need to access the system.

NO 6:

It allows queries and movements from an app. The most robust versions of enterprise management systems offer easy-to-use and secure mobility options.

NO 7:

Generate reports and statistics in a few minutes. For example, on sales volume, average ticket, or best-selling products on the Internet. This data is essential for making strategic decisions.

NO 8:

Optimize the purchase-sale processes to obtain the maximum benefit. By keeping complete files of clients and suppliers, facilitates the review of the online sales strategy and allows adjustments to be made in time.

NO 9:

Control accounts receivable and payable. This makes it easier to control cash flow and ensure the availability of resources for expenses and investments in the online store.


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