The Benefits of Harris Self Catering Accommodation

Most of us think wildly about what could be, but have you ever pictured yourself on a beautiful beach on a remote island? It is often a stress reliever, a relaxing thought away from the pressures of work or home. What could be better than just relaxing on a beautiful beach and watching the world go by. Think about it, what is holding you back? The Hebrides are islands off the west coast of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides are known for some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. So why not consider a holiday on the Isle of Harris, home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the south west coast.

The Isle of Harris is one of Scotland’s hidden treasures.

Located on the Isle of Lewis in the north (now known as Long Island), Harris couldn’t be more different. Many people see the Isle of Lewis as a vast landscape of swamps and dark lakes, while the Isle of Harris is rocky and mountainous in the north and south. Most of Harris’ land is free of human destruction, and even where man has worked the land, it is in harmony with nature. The water around the best island is crystal clear, so it can surprise the visitor.

When I first visited the Isle of Harris in 1982

I was a country boy who knew nothing. One day while running along one of the many rivers, I decided to run along a beautiful mountain, and it was going well until I entered a shallow lake. Well I know the dark water in the north of England, I thought it was shallow when I saw the bottom of the lake but in fact I was in it almost to my waist and very shy. One of my most memorable experiences was when I tried snorkeling for the first time, how amazing it was to see marine life so far away, my heart was pounding. The Hebrides are one of the cleanest and most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the many delights

The Isle of Harris has to offer is to cook for you. While Harris dining may seem like an expensive option to some, the benefits far outweigh these minor drawbacks. I used to be pretty lonely, and I hated to hate other people’s music. When I stay at a luxury hotel or guest house, I’m often disappointed that I have to return to dinner at some point, or worse, get up. Being independent, I am my own person who eats what I want, when I want. There are many other “freedoms” associated with self-catering the best accommodation in Tin Can Bay. I can be like a bear with a head sometimes (some say often), so I don’t like to share my surroundings with many people. In a hotel or B&B, you don’t have the option of a roommate, such as a dining room. I can live in peace in my room and do what I want without fear of disturbing others.

Another important benefit of the perfect accommodation is the freedom of choice.

In many places, there are different types of accommodation. On the Isle of Harris I can live in a large stone house which is great if you have a family to feed or I can choose a house. Independent houses are good for me because I am disabled and have problems with stairs and being on one level allows me to enjoy this type of living without such problems. My favorite self-catering accommodation in Harris is the SC arista Black House which looks like a thatched cottage etc. but is fitted out to a high standard with modern appliances and bedding. If you are thinking of visiting the Isle of Harris, take a look on the internet and you will soon see why I love Black House.

Self-catering accommodation – beautiful accommodation

For many people, vacations involve traveling abroad where we spend time among wine and beaches. However, most of us like to enjoy the little things in the places we choose to go on vacation. We like to experience good culture, taste the culinary flavors of the region and generally be part of the city during our vacation. One of the best ways to fully immerse you in a foreign culture is to live a full life among ordinary people in a city, town or village. If you opt for a self-catering house, you can avoid the usual tourists on the road.


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