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University lecturer Adam Brown to plead guilty to wife’s murder in Croydon North, Melbourne



An assistant professor admitted to killing his wife in their own house after being accused of doing so. Adam Brown, a former lecturer at Deakin University, admitted to killing Chen Cheng, the mother of his children, in court on Tuesday. After attempting to escape her murderer, Ms. Cheng, 35, was found dead at the back gate of their garden in Croydon North, northeast of Melbourne. According to Daily Mail Australia, Ms. Cheng was ‘fighting for her life’ just before she was allegedly fatally stabbed by Brown.

Unbelievably startling details, which can only now be published, show that Ms. Cheng begged her neighbors to save her life just before police said her husband killed her by stabbing her. Outside Chen Cheng’s home, where authorities believe her husband killed her, there were floral arrangements.

Around 10 p.m. on the night of the murder, a neighbor of the family who wished to remain anonymous told the Daily Mail Australia that she had rushed to Ms. Cheng’s aid after hearing horrific screams coming from her residence. “I knew someone was in trouble when I heard the screaming.” ,” she said.

The couple walked to the front of the family’s residence to investigate with the assistance of another neighbor who was equally startled by the screaming next door. I pounded on the door when he asked if we should knock. She then uttered the words “Call the police, he wants to kill me.” She yelled but was unable to escape.

The young mother allegedly tried to flee by the rear gate after being unable to do so through the front door, according to the heartbroken neighbor who had become friendly with Ms. Cheng. Ms. Cheng’s bloody body was later discovered behind the gate, which was likewise locked, by paramedics.

A mourner left a message on a bouquet of flowers outside the house where Chen Cheng was stabbed to death

She screamed to be let out as she went across the yard and pounded ferociously on the wooden door. She cried out, “Help me, help me, help me.” The neighbor of Mrs. Cheng said, “And then there was stillness.

“Subsequently, there was total silence. There was silence, and I wondered in my head, “Did she pass out or what?” I’m not sure. Never did she come out.

The toddler son of the couple was then taken by another neighbor and sent to safety to a nearby residence.

I was told that she was battling for her life. She wants to leave that home. The neighbor reported that she was shrieking and fighting for her life.

After that, Brown sat and observed as a neighbor and paramedics struggled to save his wife’s life.

Despite the neighbor’s and paramedics’ best attempts, Ms. Cheng passed away right there and then.

The gate where Chen Cheng was last heard yelling for aid before going silent had no way out.

“(A male neighbor) and I knocked on the door before the ambulance arrived, but I didn’t go inside because there was total silence after all the yelling,” she said.

“So he opened the garage door, then… They immediately raced downstairs to get the nurse after seeing her.

In the frantic minutes before police and paramedics arrived, the off-duty nurse labored assiduously to save Ms. Cheng.

The Melbourne Assessment Prison is where Brown, 40, will reside until his upcoming court appearance later this month. He entered his plea there via video link.

In an odd move, the prosecution requested that the court be closed so that a psychologist who had treated Brown during her interactions with the suspected murderer prior to the tragedy could be heard.

In order to conduct additional investigations in preparation for Brown’s formal plea in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the court was informed that the police were keen to learn what transpired between the couple.

Flowers were left outside the Patrick Avenue home where the young family appeared to be content after Ms. Cheng’s death stunned the country earlier this year.

A note was written on one of the bouquets, “Brought another woman.” At the location of the monument, only one candle was still burning. In a “very horrific” sight, bags of blood-stained evidence were hauled from the two-story estate as detectives searched the grounds for leads, according to forensic officers.

Toys for kids were also taken out of bags. The family appeared to be a typical, content family, according to neighbors who spoke with Daily Mail Australia.

A neighbor remarked, “He always said hello and just did his thing.

Ms. Cheng was praised as a kind neighbor who went above and beyond to assist others.

“She was coming, and I had an accident last year. They were a typical family, according to a different neighbor.

Brown held a Ph.D. in philosophy and was an associate professor of media and communications.

In 2017, he wed Ms. Cheng in China, and the two of them have since had two young children.

On International Women’s Day of the previous year, the social media addict sent a loving homage to his wife.

Brown referred to Ms. Cheng as a “strong, talented, and hilarious woman” in an Instagram post.

On the occasion of #InternationalWomensDay, I’d like to give a special shout-out to the powerful, funny, and creative woman who allows me the honor of being in her presence every day. She keeps me laughing, keeps me healthy, and always makes sure I’ll be ready for the night, he said. at that point.

Less than two weeks prior to his wife’s passing, Brown posted a different video to Twitter in which he captured the two ridings “The Slingshot,” a ride at a theme park.

The teacher’s wife responded simply, “This is fun,” when her husband overheard them laughing and asked whether she felt uncomfortable.

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Blogging – When Traffic Defines Success




When Traffic Defines Success

When you talk about a blog making money, traffic is what you need. Content is king but it is given. What actually makes the money is the traffic that comes to see your content. You may have the best blog posts in the world, but if nobody sees them, they’re not going to make money. This is why traffic should always be the number one consideration after a blog has been set up. A lot of webmasters are having a hard time with the money-making part because they seem to forget the value of traffic building. Some of them actually refuse to believe just what proven SEO and traffic-generating techniques can do. The fact is, you need to work on your blog beyond the posting part and all work should be geared towards getting as much traffic as possible. Today

There could be many tips and guides you encounter about how to let that blog make money online through increased traffic. Actually, the basics apply. For example, word of mouth may not bring you all the traffic you need, but it contributes something. Classified sites are also helpful. Search the Internet for the top classified ads sites where you can advertise your blog for free. This will definitely give you considerable exposure but since the free ads are only good for 30 – 90 days, you need to go ahead and advertise your blog as much as you can on these sites within this time frame. This can be a lot of work but you can’t deny that it can pay off enormously if you do it regularly – a daily basis is very good especially since most classified ad sites let you post up to five free ads each day. Just imagine if you’re able to post at least five ads every day for 90 days on ten different classified sites. That’s a whole lot of visibility advantage and the best thing is, it’s all for free. Market

Articles are great for adding visibility to your blog, too. Submit these articles to online directories and you can expect a high search ranking. Remember, search engines prioritize these article directories which means that s a great advantage. You need to write at least four to five articles per day and then you’ll get more and more visitors daily. Over time, you’re going to build up your readership in these article directories and this can significantly increase your search rankings. It will not happen overnight but definitely, if you submit consistently to these directories, it will happen. You will get to the top! Then making money won’t be too much work when you achieve this level.

Forum posting is also a great way to get to people what your blog is all about. A lot of readers out there appreciate good content so you’re going to have to make sure your blog posts are of good quality. Forums can be likened to a real community with real live people which means you actually get to interact with potential readers. To maximize your exposure with forums, it’s a good idea to sign up for at least 5 different sites and post here as frequently as you can. The higher the page rank of these sites, the higher your page rank will be as well. Again, consistency is important. If you want to build traffic, you have to build it steadily.

You can even create Squidoo lenses which are, no doubt, favorites of search engines. Then you can promote your blog on Twitter and other social media sites. Over time, as long as you keep yourself focused on your goal, you will achieve a blog that will be bankable enough to actually make real money. Blogging is quite easy to do but how to make money blogging is the real challenge. It is, however, very much doable but it will all depend on the amount of patience and dedication you can give to actually let that blog make money.


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Sam Bankman-Fried draws fire from DeFi proponents after regulation proposal




  • Various individuals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are lambasting Sam Bankman-Fried after the FTX CEO shared a regulatory proposal that, critics claim, hamstrings decentralized finance.
  • Defenders of Bankman-Fried’s proposal cite the inevitability of regulation, as well as its supposed necessity to onboard public companies into crypto.
  • Decentralized finance proponents have taken to Twitter to criticize Sam Bankman-Fried after the FTX CEO shared an “industry norms manual” that suggested websites facilitating trading on decentralized exchanges should be regulated.

    Bankman-Fried’s suggestion of regulation for tools enabling retail traders to access DeFi protocols triggered horror among those who argue apps like Uniswap are simply software, not a legal entity that can be censured. To DeFi proponents, these decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are different beasts to the classic central counterparties required in traditional finance: they exist purely as code allowing individuals to trade with one another.

    “If you host a website that makes it easy for U.S. retail to connect to and trade on a DEX, you would likely have to register it as something like a broker-dealer/FCM/etc. You would also potentially have KYC [know your customer] obligations,” Bankman-Fried wrote on Wednesday. At the same time, the crypto exchange executive said it’s “extremely important that on-chain code and Defi remain free and open, and uncensored.”

    One particularly loud voice is that of scupytrooples, the pseudonymous founder of DeFi protocol Alchemix, who tweeted a list of unsubstantiated complaints against Bankman-Fried.

    “I see them using the playbook of large corporations, where they ascend to the top, and then get involved in lobbying to make rules favorable for them to hurt the competition, and ultimately cement their position there,” scupytrooples told The Block in separate comments. “No different from Amazon, Exxon Mobil, Goldman, etc.”

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Amazon begins targeting fake review brokers in Europe, starting with Spain and Italy, where it has filed a criminal complaint against a “high-profile” broker




MILAN, Oct 20 (Reuters) – U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN.O) said on Thursday it has filed legal challenges in Italy and Spain as it steps up global efforts to shut down fake review brokers.

Amazon has long been struggling with fake or manipulated reviews and the problem only got worse as more people flocked to its site to shop during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Tens of thousands of people have joined dedicated channels on the Telegram instant messaging site, where anonymous brokers sign up people to write glowing five-star reviews of products on Amazon in exchange for a financial reward.

We continue to improve our proactive controls, inventing new technologies and machine learning to catch the bad guys and find new ways to hold them accountable,” said Dharmesh Mehta, vice president of selling partner services at Amazon, in a statement.

In its first criminal complaint in Europe, Amazon said it was targeting a “high-profile broker in Italy selling fake reviews” but did not name the person.

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