Vinicius Put Rhythm And Controversy In Real Madrid, In The Absence Of Benzema

MADRID – The media storm returned with Vinicius’ samba in celebration of his goal against RCD Mallorca. Some, because you have to let him celebrate as he wants; others, on the other hand, because you have to respect your rival. What is clear is that there is no quiet victory in recent times for anyone.

Real Madrid’s first half was improvable. I’m sure Ancelotti is not happy with what he saw from his team at the start. Even RCD Mallorca got ahead on the scoreboard to increase the suspense of a match that the Whites would later come back with no problem.

First, with a Maradonian goal from Federico Valverde. Later, with the annotations of Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Rudiger.

The second of the goals was the work of Vinicius who, in the absence of Benzema, was in charge of leading the team, demonstrating that he is settled in the Top 10 of the best footballers today. There is no doubt about that. Without the Frenchman, his best teacher, Vinicius pulled his personality to launch the team in the second half.

With his goal, the celebration came. “El bailecito”, said a club worker with laughter, the same one who predicted that there would be “more mambo than samba” in relation to its media coverage. It was clear. Some defend it, others are embarrassed and the rest simply pass.

From his environment, there are several sectors that ask to be left calm and happy with the goal and the celebration. From the club, the same, although some voice slips that there are other ways to celebrate. And, from Mallorca, significant anger is denoted because, as a player slipped this morning to ESPN, “one thing is to celebrate and another to humiliate”.

There are interpretations for all tastes. It was expected that each one is consistent with their actions and opinions. I say this last because someone who now asks for “freedom to celebrate” for Vinicius strongly criticized Dani Alves and Thiago when, in 2014, they also danced the samba until Puyol interceded to stop the culé samba.

In the midst of so much media hype, I would like to remember one thing. First, the defense of the behavior of each player usually depends on whether the player is from the team that one supports or not. And second that, away from the dances, Vinicius has started the season with self-confidence, speed, power, and definition. Those qualities added to the patience and pause he has when defining, make him a tremendous player. And that only depends on football, not on the colors that one defends


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