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Well Health: The Benefits of Organic Vitamin B12



Vitamins are vital for the maintenance of several body processes when pursuing good health. One such necessary ingredient is vitamin B12, which is frequently linked to better general health, more energy, and higher cognitive function. Although there are several ways to get vitamin B12, many health-conscious people are increasingly using organic vitamin B12 supplements as part of a comprehensive plan for their overall wellbeing. We’ll look at the advantages of organic vitamin B12 in this blog post and see why it’s a great supplement to any wellness regimen.

What Is Vitamin B12?

Cobalamin, another name for vitamin B12, is a water-soluble vitamin that is a part of the B-vitamin complex. It is an essential nutrient that is involved in numerous biological functions, such as DNA synthesis, brain function, and the production of red blood cells. Furthermore, vitamin B12 is a necessary part of a balanced diet since it aids in the conversion of food into energy.

The Importance of Vitamin B12

A lack of vitamin B12 can cause a number of health problems, such as anemia, exhaustion, neurological disorders, and cognitive decline. For vegetarians and vegans, who might find it difficult to receive enough B12 from plant-based sources, it is especially important. If you don’t consume many animal products in your diet, organic vitamin B12 supplements provide a dependable and easy way to make sure you get the recommended daily intake of B12.

The Benefits of Organic Vitamin B12

Enhanced Energy: Due to its ability to increase energy, organic vitamin B12 is often used by people. It’s essential for the synthesis of red blood cells, which distribute oxygen throughout the body. Retaining energy levels and minimizing exhaustion require an adequate supply of oxygen.

Enhanced Cognitive Function:  The health of the brain is intimately related to vitamin B12. It helps sustain healthy brain function and maintains the nervous system’s normal operation. Those with normal B12 levels may notice improvements in their general mental clarity, memory, and attention.

Mood Regulation:  The synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which affect mood and emotional health, is linked to vitamin B12. Having enough B12 in your body can help you feel less depressed and anxious and to maintain stable moods.

Healthy Skin and Hair:  The condition of your skin, hair, and nails depends on vitamin B12. It supports general well-being and a youthful appearance by assisting in cell renewal and reproduction.

Heart Health:  Enough vitamin B12 is essential for keeping the cardiovascular system in good working order. Homocysteine is an amino acid linked to an increased risk of heart disease that is broken down with the aid of vitamin B12.

Promotes Digestion: The synthesis of stomach acid, which is necessary for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, is aided by vitamin B12. Digestive problems may result from insufficient B12 levels.

Why Choose Organic Vitamin B12?

When compared to non-organic vitamin B12 supplements, organic supplements have a number of advantages. You can be sure that organic B12 is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This guarantees a more natural, pure form of this vital vitamin devoid of any potentially dangerous substances.

Furthermore, as organic B12 supplements are frequently made from plant-based ingredients, vegetarians and vegans can use them. They are often made in a way that is more sustainable and kind to the environment, in keeping with the ideas of holistic well-being.

How to Incorporate Organic Vitamin B12 into Your Routine

Knowing how to include organic vitamin B12 in your daily routine is crucial, especially in light of its importance. Here are a few doable actions to get you going:

Select Premium Supplements: Make sure you choose an organic vitamin B12 supplement from a reputable company that sources its ingredients ethically. Seek certifications attesting to the product’s organic status and absence of harmful additives.

Consult a Healthcare Professional:  It’s wise to speak with a healthcare provider before incorporating any supplements into your diet, particularly if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns. They can provide you with advice on the best form and dosage of vitamin B12.

Observe the Dosage Guidelines: There are several forms of organic vitamin B12 supplements available, such as tablets, capsules, and sublingual (under the tongue) drops. Make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested dosage recommendations for the particular product you select.

Combine with a Balanced Diet:  Even though supplements can be a useful addition, it’s still important to eat a balanced diet full of foods high in B12, like dairy products, meat, fish, and fortified plant-based foods. Your dietary sources should be supplemented, not replaced, by supplements.

Remain Steady: It’s critical to take organic vitamin B12 on a regular basis in order to reap the benefits. To keep your wellness at its best, include it in your daily regimen.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions

When taken in accordance with recommended dosages, vitamin B12 is generally regarded as safe. On the other hand, a small number of people might have adverse effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, or mild nausea. To ease discomfort, try taking the supplement with food if these symptoms appear.

Before beginning any new supplement regimen, check with your healthcare provider if you take medication or have any underlying health conditions. They can advise you on possible interactions and support you in making decisions.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Well-Being with Organic Vitamin B12

An important complement to a wholistic approach to health is organic vitamin B12. It’s a great option for anyone looking to improve their general health because of its potential advantages, which include increased energy, improved mood regulation, and improved cognitive function. Selecting an organic B12 supplement guarantees a natural and pure supply of this vital nutrient, supporting environmental sustainability as well as individual health.

Recall that although supplements can provide beneficial support, a more comprehensive health-conscious lifestyle that incorporates a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and enough sleep should complement them. To customize your vitamin B12 intake to meet your unique needs and objectives, speak with a healthcare provider.

Experience the positive effects of taking organic vitamin B12 today and see how it can improve your well-being.


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5 Healthy Reasons to Start Eating Artichokes





Friend of the liver, digestive and purifying. The artichoke is the perfect ally to fight against cholesterol and extra kilos.

We will tell you some of the ways to eat artichokes (yes, even if it is not your favorite vegetable) and the 5 properties for which it is known as the perfect vegetable. Join the artichoke diet!

Artichoke is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, although it also contains other minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. But not only that, among the vitamins that this complete vegetable contains, the presence of vitamin B1 stands out, as well as small amounts of vitamins C, B3, B5, and B6.

Although knowing what vitamins and minerals a food contains is good to know what type of nutrients we are going to obtain from its intake, the truth is that it is more practical to know what benefits that food stands out for and what type of ailments it is indicated for. And, very importantly, how can it be consumed to get the most out of its health benefits?

Among its health benefits, its purifying action and elimination of waste substances from the body stand out, being an excellent vegetable for the liver and for eliminating fats and cholesterol. Do you want to know how to consume it and the 5 healthy properties for which it is known as the perfect vegetable? Keep reading!

How can artichoke be consumed?

You can take cooked artichokes and drink the resulting liquid that absorbs the properties of this vegetable and is very purifying.

You can also make artichoke juice by squeezing 1 teaspoon of finely chopped leaves, half a fennel bulb, 4 green dandelion leaves, 4 stalks of celery, and half a zucchini, and diluting it with a little mineral water. What’s the score? An exquisite combination!

If it is not your favorite vegetable, you can take advantage of all its benefits with artichoke leaf capsules, which you will find in pharmacies and herbalists.

5 Healthy Properties of The Artichoke


Artichoke has depurative properties and a diuretic effect that promotes weight loss. Perfect to avoid fluid retention.


It favors the digestion of fats and the elimination of toxins from our bodies. It is a very suitable vegetable in slimming diets since it helps to lose volume and its caloric content is quite low.

Good For the Liver

Among the therapeutic properties of artichoke, its ability to regulate the formation and output of bile stands out. It exerts regulatory action on the kidney and favors the elimination of water and waste substances.

Therefore, it is indicated for all functional and organic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts, as well as for disorders of the digestive organs that derive from them.

5 healthy properties of the artichoke – Infusion An infusion of artichoke helps to recover in case of suffering from liver diseases, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.


The artichoke is rich in fiber so its consumption provides a feeling of satiety and acts as a mild laxative, favoring intestinal transit, and helping to relieve or prevent constipation.

Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

This effect is due to the presence of cynarin in the artichoke, a substance that acts by preventing the endogenous synthesis of cholesterol and lipids while increasing the biliary excretion of cholesterol and its transformation into bile acids.


5 healthy properties of the artichoke – diabetics Artichokes are indicated in the diet of diabetics because it lowers blood sugar level. After water, the main component of the artichoke is carbohydrates, among which the presence of insulin stands out.

This gives rise to fructose units in the body, a sugar that can be assimilated without the need for insulin.


5 healthy properties of the artichoke – Blood pressure It is not very appropriate for those who suffer from hypertension, since its sodium content is high compared to other vegetables.

Can you tell which are the symptoms of hypotension and which of hypertension?

From Hagiomania we recommend that, for any questions that may arise, do not hesitate to consult your GP or a specialist professional.

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Advantages of Reading Sleep Stories Before Bedtime




sleep stories

Once upon a time when you used to lie down in your bed, a soft and sweet voice would come into your ears in the form of stories. You keep on imagining characters and slowly drift down to sleep. Then, it really stopped. You started reading yourself with more concentration and brain activity. This sometimes made it hard to fight for staying awake. And that too finally stopped. Now, we all got engrossed in ourselves checking out phones, laptops, gossiping, etc. However, the tendency of getting restless at night increased. This is just because the blue light that gets emitted from the screen stops the release of melatonin, a sleep hormone that drastically affects sleep quality and mental health.

In such a case, it becomes mandatory to get back to those days and know the importance of sleep stories.

Why are bedtime time stories so powerful?

When our minds keep on running with several thoughts and facts, bedtime stories help to give a break with them. They help to overcome all those frustrating feelings of overthinking. The science behind this is that as our occipital lobe and visual cortex are totally engaged in imagination, hence, the analytical pre-frontal cortex calms down.

In this contemporary society, anxiety is an unavoidable piece. It is however essential to understand that along with the day-to-day activities, it becomes crucial to stay responsible in managing stress. In such an instance, sleep stories for anxiety play a vital role. Bedtime stories can help you stay relaxed, fall asleep fast and better, and finally minimize your level of stress and anxiety. It has been observed that listening to online sleep stories can reduce unwanted intrusive thoughts, relax the mind, body, and soul and prepare a good mood for sleep.

Reasons why you should pick books before bedtime

  • Helps you get relaxed: Stress is one major reason that can lead to insomnia or sleep problems. It has been found that sleep stories for adults can provide you utmost It disconnects you from electronic devices and causes melatonin production to calm down your anxiety level.
  • Gives you great dreams: When you read, your mind starts taking out the information along with the words. And when you fall asleep, your brain takes out all the information that you engulfed throughout the This includes the book

that you have read. When you are used to read sleep stories before bed, whatever you have studied you start dreaming. This taps into your creative side.

  • Helps to become a role model: When you settle into bed with some good You will set an example for your child. They will also try to follow the same. However, you can also opt to read sleep stories online that comes in multiple genres and theme suiting your taste.

Conclusion: Whatever the reason of your stress or anxiety be, there is no medication as better as releasing bedtime stories.



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COVID 19 – are we close to the end of the corona pandemic?




In the past two years, most of us have been forced to contend with significant and unpredictable restrictions placed on our day-to-day activities. As a direct consequence of the event, millions of lives have been lost. As a result, the economy and the quality of life have suffered. This fact should, therefore, not be shocking that a sizable number of people continue to cling to the hope that the COVID-19 pandemic may soon end. People in these situations now have a reason to have hope in countries where restrictions have been loosened up or eliminated.

The increased transmissibility of the Omicron strain, as well as its capacity to avoid at least some of the protection offered by vaccines and previous infections, should serve as a reminder of how difficult it is to forecast how this pandemic would develop. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), stated a month ago that it is unwise to expect the Omicron strain to be the final variation and that we are in the end game of this epidemic.

We have not yet arrived at our destination. On the other hand, the finish line is in sight, “Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who serves as the World Health Organization (WHO)director general, spoke with reporters online. It is hypothesised that any new mutations will give rise to a disease even milder than Omicron. This is the case even if they do occur. Any evidence does not support this assertion. This would happen if the virus benefitted from producing a less severe illness and, as a result, increased the amount of time that its host was able to live.

During the days leading to symptoms, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is at its peak level of contagiousness. The majority of the symptoms that we’ve observed in individuals who have been hospitalised are the result of the host’s immune system reacting to the virus. Because the virus can overstimulate some immune cells, it is difficult to “turn them off” so that they will cease attacking healthy cells in addition to infected ones. This is because the virus can drive some immune cells to become infected themselves. The virus has already moved on to infect another host when the host begins to show signs of severe illness. We lucked out with Omicron being resistant to the virus since there is no selective pressure for the virus to grow less destructive over time.

The new COVID-19 strain will add another recurrent disease to the load already placed on healthcare systems and local populations. Infections caused by COVID-19 will persist, but the end of the pandemic is getting closer, according to a study published in The Lancet. The study stated that “after the Omicron wave, COVID-19 will return, but the pandemic will not,” which means the pandemic will not continue.

“Covid-19 will turn into another recurrent disease that countries and their health care systems will have to deal with. According to the research, the time when governments and communities had to take extreme measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is coming to an end.

The study elaborated that the virus will continue to be passed from person to person, saying, “Immunity will wear off over time, whether it was acquired by infection or vaccination, which will leave open the door for further SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Because seasonality is involved, governments should prepare for higher potential transmission rates during winter.”

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