Minitour of Puglia: what to visit in 3 days


The idea of ​​doing a mini-tour of Puglia took root in our minds towards the end of July, when we realized we could have two weeks of vacation in a row. And we know well that Puglia is an extended region, however we could see the region right after Caserta and Matera .

We only had 3 days and to be honest we toured a little too tight, but it was worth it. We had already been to Puglia, at separate times, years ago and for this reason we wanted to visit areas together that we had seen little. Hence the choice of the itinerary was based on the central part of the region, between villages and the coast.

Our mini tour touched the following places:

  • Polignano a mare
  • Alberobello
  • Locorotondo
  • Martina Franca
  • Cisternino*
  • Savelletri
  • Ostuni

We preferred to visit some places in these cities, there is no need to visit every single corner. It was different for Cisternino* which was included in our mini tour, but which due to time constraints was not visited properly. We will do it. Promised.


The pearl of Puglia. Who doesn’t know Polignano a Mare ? It is so famous that many once seen never come back. Too much crowd. We went there with the idea of ​​taking a dip in the early afternoon, we thought that in times of Covid we would find a small place at a safe distance to swim, but in reality the beach was packed in spite of the anti-covid regulations . So we changed our minds, got dressed up and walked around the old town. Nice beautiful.

The narrow alleys and the white stone typical of Puglia are the protagonists of this lively town. We didn’t stop for lunch, so we can’t recommend any places, but we went to find the restaurant on the cliff – the famous “Grotta Palazzese”. Unfortunately the area was undergoing renovations and the impact was not as great as we thought. Here too there will be a way to return.


It was our favorite place, the one we absolutely wanted to see and where we chose to stop for the first night in Puglia. As we told you, we slept in a traditional trullo and it is an experience that we highly recommend. Alberobello is a unique town, it seems to live in a fairy tale and the impression is that of being in a village of witches.

There are many mysteries and stories about the origin of the trulli of Alberobello, we had fun looking for pinnacles and mystical symbols. To see the town in a peaceful way, we recommend visiting it in the early hours of the morning, after which it becomes really too crowded.


In our mini tour of Puglia we could not avoid Locorotondo, nominated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. We fell in love with it at first sight. No crowds, just the sound of church bells. In retrospect it was really the only place we could ride without crowds. The streets of the historic center are beautiful, where the shops are small but unique.


We stopped for a few hours in Martina Franca to visit one of the most famous historic bars in Italy: the Tripoli coffee . For many of you this name will not arouse anything, but it is one of the most famous places and we will soon tell you why. Located in the historic center of the city, it recently turned 100 and is certainly a stop to mark if you happen to go to Martina Franca. Why is it so famous? For his bocconotto and for the coffee granita, but not only!

Caffè Tripoli really became very popular in the mid-90s. It became one of the most exported Italian excellences in the world, because everywhere in the world they had seen the promotional photo of this place. We are talking about a black and white photo taken by Ferdinando Scianna , the historic Dolce & Gabbana photographer, starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta . It was 1995, social media didn’t exist, but that photo went viral all over the world. And the photo can be admired inside the club. In 2019 Maria Grazia Cucinotta returned to Caffè Tripoli after more than 20 years, to pay homage to a place that made her famous throughout the world. THE PHOTO IS HERE

After the planned visit to the Caffè Tripoli, we stopped for lunch at the Pizzeria Due Agnelli , adjacent to the Basilica of S. Martino. An excellent gourmet pizza with local products. Fair price for the service and location. The position of the tables facing Piazza Maria Immacolata are truly wonderful.


We are forced to go back. Or rather we have to try again to visit Cisternino, unfortunately time was really too little and this beautiful village deserves more than a hit and run. We arrived on a sunny morning, had trouble parking and only stayed a few minutes. We promise that we will return to visit this particular and renowned place better.


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